Here is Battlefield 1 with Reshade Ray Tracing

YouTube's 'AD Massicuro' has shared a video, showcasing Battlefield 1 with Reshade Ray Tracing.

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LordoftheCritics42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Horrific. Original is miles better.

Also just a video link? Get outta here.

Fishy Fingers41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

This stuff is of course always subjective, but "horrific", "miles better", internet drama queen.

Personally, I prefer the reshade in about 80%, neither horiffic nor miles better. Preference.

LordoftheCritics41d ago

I was being gentle with horrific.

russo12141d ago


He has been gentle with drama queen 8)

Binarycode41d ago

Both decent, but MP was poor compared to other BF titles.

BF5 is better but not by much. They need a modern warfare for BF6 on nextgen consoles and pc only. No ps4/xbs. etc.

SonyStyled41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I might be the minority, but I find bf5 to have similar gameplay elements to bf3 and 4. It’s certainly not bf1. I mean, bf5 offers everything bf fans loved from the previous entries that bf1 lacked, plus all the dlc is free

oakshin41d ago

Speaking of subjective I'm the the camp that bf5 sucked 4 was better then 1 and 1 is better then 5 for me personally

I got less then 100 hours in 5 and I got it at launch (shrugs)

DragonWarrior1941d ago

I completely agree about having it PS5/XSX/PC only. Devs need the ability to not be held back by eight year old consoles. I get not wanting to leave behind an easy install base but you aren't going to motivate them to upgrade if you keep catering to them.

Binarycode40d ago

Not sure why the disagrees, but if you think 1 is better then 5 your crazy.

BF3-4 shit over both

Also I hope they don't make a PS4 version. The game physics, graphics, destruction need to be moved on to next gen consoles and decent PC.

Any 1942 game and it's DOA.


I use Reshade for almost any game that supports it. Even makes older games look great. Example: Guild Wars 2, looks so good with reshade, plus thats my fav MMO 😁 PC FTW. Reshade link,
Only game that I know it doesn't work in is Overwith, er Overwatch lol When I used to play it in 2016.

kryteris41d ago

idk, game looks amazing in 4k original. Would like to see some standard in raytracing performance/features then the devs develop around that.

Limitedtimestruggle41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

BF1 was an amazing game, the single player is actually OK and the online stuff is vast en varied! Played it a lot on Ps4 and still play it on PC today. Too bad bad BFV failed so much, but they have got the game up to a great level now! Still they made so many stupid decisions during the design and development og that game..not to mention after while trying to fix the train wreck. Too bad many cheaters roam free on both BF1 and V as of now...just can't understand why people cheat in games lol. Low life scum.

Would love tho check out this mode at a point!

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