Ghost of Tsushima Review (PS4)

Ghost of Tsushima is unforgettable; every element from the fun and engaging combat, the sceneries and sounds intricately woven in such a spectacular way and the cast of incredible actors makes for an extremely special game- one would say a game of a lifetime

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potatoseal39d ago

I really do have great memories from this game. The combat is key. They nailed it and in doing so made the game excellent. If the combat was more like Assassin's Creed the game would have been a crap simplistic button masher. The combat has real depth and enemies never turn into bullet sponges, the just get more skilled as the game progresses.

luidoom38d ago

I might catch a lot of hate for saying this but I bought this game and honestly got really bored. I tried to get hooked but just couldn’t.

potatoseal38d ago

Well not every single game is for every single person. You deserve no hate at all. The game wasn't for you. That's totally fine

jznrpg38d ago

I love the game . But I am not you and I like different things . I totally disagree with you and vice versa but that is ok 👌 no game is for everyone

UnSelf38d ago

If you didn’t like this you might like Sekiro. I go back and forth between both on a daily basis

luidoom38d ago

I loved Sekiro and that’s why I think i didn’t enjoy this one as much

Elda38d ago

It is like that with some games. Some games click with an individual & some games don't. Though the games are popular but I didn't like the GTA or the RDR games including TW3. Different strokes for different folks.

PeaSFor38d ago

I dont like apples, but enjoy eating oranges.

Rhythmattic38d ago

I don't like apples or oranges.... But I love eating both. ;)

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RCslayer38d ago

One of my fav games from 2020. I bought it on sale for half price.

BenRC0138d ago

Love the art, its such a labour of love. Got half way through and just lost the urge to carry on though.

darklaw37d ago

So I bought this based on the hype and the perfect scores it has received. It is a beautiful world and I had to learn how to fight with very little in ways of a tutorial, which I am fine with. I came up with a style that I enjoyed and started to progress as normal. Suddenly I am thrown into a battle where I cannot use any sub items or moves that I was used to up to that point. I had to learn to be a pure samurai in that instance. In another instance I had to learn how to use a bow with no training after I tracked down the legendary armor, and failed multiple times which led to complete frustration as I could not skip the instance.

The game is excellent, but not being able to skip cutscenes and dialog brings it down a few notches in my opinion. It does have its rage inducing moments, like when you have to save a person while being shot with arrows and being attacked from all sides, there is no skip or moving forward if you fail, and you have to keep trying until you get it right.