Portable Cinema

Sony make deals to provide downloadable movies to PSP owners. Sony has finally put the last nail in the coffin of UMD with the revelation that it's in talks with, MovieLink and CinemaNow to provide digital movie downloads to PSP owners.

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Scrumptious5715d ago

Look for a similar announcement for Blu-ray in 2008.

Close_Second5714d ago

...I got a PSP in the first place. Was like having a portable Plasma screen in your pocket - the picture was so clear. However, 6 months of waiting for movies that would be priced accordingly, all we got here in New Zealand were UMD movies that were more expensive than the DVD!

With UMDs being so expensive I decided to compress from DVD. Oh, but wait. Sony make you compress in a resolution that makes that screen look like you're playing back a video cassette. If Sony do the download thing how many memory cards are you going to have to buy to make it worthwhile? the PSP needed an HDD from day one but Sony new they could screw more out of the consumer by making them buy the Pro-Duo memory stick.

Basically, who cares what Sony does. I will not be investing in any more of their technology as I'm sick and tired of them dictating the format and resolution I can play anything back in.

handheldnews5714d ago

...but not very realistic. Sony just trying to make people spend more money buying a bigger memory stick imho.