Destiny 2 Has a PVP Problem

Sean writes, "The list of issues includes lack of incentive (which is the biggie), lack of new maps, maps being taken away, lack of modes and options, and the overall structure. The most recent bone of contention in the community is the presence of Stasis. I would also propose that the very nature of what Destiny 2 is means that PvP will always be contentious."

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potatoseal41d ago

I don't play Destiny anymore, but what about the fact that PS5 and Series X can play the multiplayer at 120 FPS and last gen consoles can only do 30 FPS and they all play together in multiplayer? Is that a factor people are worried about?

kryteris40d ago

not really a big deal, though m/k vs controller in other games have been a real [email protected]#$.

Rude-ro40d ago

Please tell me how 120fps vs 30fps on a p2p network mathematically makes it a “not really a big deal”?

Because there is not one iota of facts behind that statement that can be presented.

YOU may not care and or find it to be a big deal... but that is just an opinion solely from you.

Vegamyster39d ago

It's a pretty big deal especially as high refresh TV panels are becoming the norm, 30 fps feels sluggish in comparison 60 fps let alone 120.

40d ago
waverider40d ago

Its not only PVP, where im so tired of the combo handgun, shotgun, stasis, no skill whatsoever, Is the huge lack of content. HUGE. Iron Banner they dont make nothing new. For me, they could bring back all the strikes from Destiny 1. And make more weapons and armors. Make new ones!!! i really dont understand why the lack of content. Even cool PVE modes from other season should be on. The 6 team Vex mode was cool. How hard is to make modes like that. The game looks great on the PS5, but....

KyRo40d ago

Lack of content is why I gave up on D2. The expansions are expensive for the very little content they provide. Adding old missions/planets, boss types, weapons from the first game under a expansion was the end of the line for me.

Great game but I feel its ruined by the greed of Bungie that was disguised as Activations greed for years.

waverider40d ago

i agree with you. I cant understand why bungie got so much problems with content. They could never kill the first Destiny like they did. Now, they are forcing us to use the weapons that they want, because we cant increase the ligt on old ones! Why? They took content that we already had payed! Worlds? in terms of story. We are light and now must be darkness? wtf? Why?

Parasyte40d ago

I think the only way Destiny will truly evolve and advance as a franchise is under new leadership. Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy have done good things for this franchise, but their screw ups like sunsetting, keep holding everything back.
It’s beyond time that they should be replaced.

gorebago39d ago

this season and expansion were terrible..

we paid $50 for less content than Warmind which cost $20

victorMaje39d ago

I’ll never forget Destiny 1. Despite the unfortunate story mess-up it had that grounded feeling & a kind of serious tone that I loved.


I understand the vaulting of the planets and content.. Kinda? The thing I don't get is why they would vault the pvp maps along with it. There simply isn't enough content in destiny right now to keep it afloat. I feel like if they are going to vault things, the content they add better add up to the content we lost.

gorebago39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

especially when maps from vaulted planets are still in the game too

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