David Jaffe Hates Nerd Sweat, Ponders Calling All Cars Failings

When Calling All Cars was released, the negative backlash drove David Jaffe to say some "non-family friendly" things about his critics, and eventually wound to him swearing off blogging for a month. However, hindsight being 20/20, Jaffe now acknowledges that his desire to try and recreate the feeling he had when he was playing games on the SNES in college may have led him to create a game that he now admits didn't have the legs for the 21st century gaming climate.

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PoSTedUP3700d ago

calling all cars was fun for about 30 mins. ok game, nothing more.

Kleptic3699d ago

yeah...I mean it was fine for a $10 game I guess...was a blast when completely trashed with 4 others on some late night...but its by no means a must have title...

what I never understood was why everyone was getting so fired up about it...because it was from jaffe, it was almost like it was treated as a full disc released game...people whining about how short it was and stuff...its a $10 online game, almost entirely focused on was what it was...I never felt it tried to be anything more than a goofy multiplayer competitive game worth 20 minutes at a time...

Jaffe traditionally does that..flips shat when media gets on his nerves in the release window of the game...same thing when TM: Black released, or just before it rather...people whining about how dark and how hard it was (despite it getting incredible reviews)...and he would fire back with the normal 'well you suck' attitude...however...a few years later, he admitted that the game was quite punishing in terms of difficulty...still one of my all time favorite games though, and I was one of the few that liked it more than Twisted Metal 2...which is also one of my top 5's for all time...

but Dear Jaffe...stop blogging anyway...and make Twisted Metal for the PS3...we don't need to hear anything from you until its a twisted metal ps3 announcement of some'll hear from my lawyers if its not released in 2009, also...

Elimin83699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I Agree with Jaffe on the Gamestop issue. my only disagree is that he said "not all gamestop" I say all of them they carry the same damn policy.. buy for $5. Sell for $60. Only reason I will buy a game at Gamestop is whenn they carry specific pre-order "Limited" where no one else carries, other than that. Scroo'EM. PS I love CAC.

barom3699d ago

Calling All Cars is like a Mario Kart for PS3 but with a 10$ price tag. I mean it's by no means anything like Mario Kart but it CAN serve the same experience. Get yourself 3 more people and play the game, it's a lot of fun. It's just a bit shame that there weren't more modes included.

SL1M DADDY3699d ago

I actually liked that game and had many hours of fun with friends playing it. Dave needs to lighten up on himself, he did good by releasing that one.

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Alcohog3700d ago

CAC was a blast. Its too bad it didn't take off, I loved playing that game with friends, and you could play it real quick too. Great time killer.

ThatCanadianGuy3700d ago

"I swallowed my f*cking gum...that was good tho..glad i chewed it..i have no regrets"

LOL! This guy always cracks me up.

MaximusPaynicus3700d ago

I'd have a beer with him, that's for sure.

buy a ps33699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

lol no wonder god of war game are so good. the guys a god!

Harry1903700d ago

he said about stickers is very true. What's worse is that when you try to remove those goddamn things it damages your box, at least the plastic. I swear, it's impossible to remove without doing some damage.

RememberThe3573699d ago

I got GameStop sticker removing down to an art. I used to stretch the plastic or rip the sticker when I was trying to take it off, but now I've gotten pretty good.

It's sad...

Megaton3699d ago

I got it with my Qore subscription, not a bad game. It's fun to play with friends.

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