Chinese Switch sales expose a failure to counter the import market

Apptutti's Daniel Camilo on the ever-present import market in China, and why 1m Switch sales does not make Nintendo the market leader

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Knightofelemia43d ago

Damn I want this Chinese Switch just to collect I wish I could get my hands on the Korean made Samsung SMS, Game Gear and Genesis and the Hyundai NES and SNES but they are stupid in price. You watch the Chinese government will crack the whip and make it so importing the Switch will be a pain in the ass as with the games.

R6ex41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Likewise, I'm gonna buy an imported TV as well, coz it's about half the price of the ones sold by the actual manufacturers. Sure, it's local warranty for a shorter time frame, but the price difference is simply ridiculous! You get the same, working TV after all; and when a TV works, it normally works past the warranty period anyway.

oakshin41d ago

Never have gave this much thought but makes alot of since