Cyberpunk 2077 and the Illusion of Choice

KeenGamer: "This is where Cyberpunk goes wrong and only occasionally gets right. Spoilers ahead! Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that you expect to give you meaningful choices, but the choices you are given are mostly illusions. Very rarely does a choice you make have any consequences for V, supporting characters or on the world of Night City."

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locomorales51d ago

"A system so complex that old gen hardware cant handle." CDPR.

Christopher51d ago

I mean, unless you're making a one-off game with no expectation for DLC or anything else, this is how you do it.

Name me one story-focused game with an aim for additional content where the choice wasn't an illusion or tailored to specific linear baselines when all was said and done. About the only time we get this is when the game is procedurally/dynamically determined and has no expectations of continuing the storyline and almost always has a storyline that takes a backseat to gameplay and design.

locomorales51d ago

I think you extrapolated what is written. The article. Is more in line with this game being even less than other, older games, like Mass Effect.

It's not like CP2077 is top class of branched storytelling either. Seems its really more linear than other games.

RgR50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

The witcher games have had strong linearity in their games since the beginning.

What they've had that others have failed to match is extremely strong side content with, at times, alternate endings.

Witcher 1 had substantial side content as well as witcher 2. Not to mention witcher 2 is still the king of branching storylines. You literally get a completely different experience depending on what you do from one chapter to the next.

Witcher 3 on the other hand took the open world approach and many times, at least for me, felt quite generic.the attention to detail of each quest was lost for me. Still great but I preferred witcher 2 and 1

Christopher50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Even Mass Effect is just as "linear" as CP2077, though. Saving one over the other at the end changed nothing for the baseline story. You didn't save the bad guy, prevent a war, or anything of the sort. In the end, the reaper was destroyed. The truth of how linear it was showed greatly with ME2 where tons of your decisions didn't matter. Suddenly a new rachni queen is found if you destroy her in ME1. The destruction or saving of Thorian has no meaning other than flavor as it applies nothing important to the game other than some truly non-impactful point values. Etc.

Additionally, no class choice presents options that influence the character's choices. All of them are the same and the only way of living out the importance of a soldier vs an adept is through the secondary characters, not the protagonist.

Christopher50d ago

*looks at how those choices affected Witcher 3*

You were saying?

LordoftheCritics51d ago

This game is not Mass Effect. Whether choices work or not should not dictate the story's completeness.

RgR50d ago

Not to mention mass effect also gives the illusion of choice. Very few choices are actually meaningful past a couple lines of dialogue.

Hitman00751d ago

Watching the Trailers for this game then playing it was night and day not even close to what they we’re spouting off about then it’s releases garbage want a good laugh play the scripted car chases U can shoot nothing or everything and it still doesn’t make a difference like wow CD what a joke sort of like the Ai that runs in this game 💩💩

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