Best VR Game of 2020

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "December 31st 2019 was a special date for me. Before Plague Inc. became a reality for the globe, I was doing the usual rounds for New Year's Eve: social drinking and lighting off fireworks with friends. This year would be different because one friend brought over his Oculus Quest. The previous time I had any sort of experience with VR was the Virtual Boy and perhaps a few unique arcade cabinets. All it took were a few janky Quest mini-games to solidify a newfound respect for the technology as a whole. But the nominees for this award are not mere distractions; they're full experiences that are not only treated as exemplars of a genre but of an entire medium."

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Neonridr52d ago

Half Life Alyx hands down. Some great VR games in 2020, but this was the full package.

ApocalypseShadow52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

That's a very short list. Not even separate headset categories for PC, PSVR and Quest.. But I'd still give it to Half-Life for Valve putting in the effort to finally make and release a game.

Article could use a little more meat for me to approve it though. It's worse than those E Harmony commercials that speak of a picture and a paragraph. In the article, you just get pictures and barely any paragraph on why Half-Life is so good.

The article is shorter than most of my comments I'm known to make. Lol!

Neonridr52d ago

They definitely could have broken it into 3, like you said. I just meant for scope and scale to the game itself it was something that delivered on the hype.

coolbeans51d ago

-"That's a very short list. Not even separate headset categories for PC, PSVR and Quest.."

Why split up for a relatively limited 2020 library? All headsets lead to VR so it makes sense to group the best of the best.