Immortals: Fenyx Rising 1.1.0 Patch Arrives Tomorrow; Full Patch Notes

Hello everyone,

On Thursday January 14th, we will be deploying patch 1.1.0 for Immortals Fenyx Rising. This patch will be available across all platforms at about 9AM ET / 6AM PT / 14:00 UTC and include the following changes.

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sourOG981d ago

TFW when you get platinum before the first patch.

patriz420981d ago

I was thinking of picking this it worth it? Or a pass?

sourOG980d ago (Edited 980d ago )

It’s probably my game of the year for 2020. It’s puzzle heavy though, platforming and such. The combat isn’t super deep but it’s fun. The story is full of cheese but it has a lot of good moments. I enjoyed the puzzles and the pacing. It’s not a massive AC game, it’s smaller and more focused. 45 hours for 100%.

I don’t really have many bad things to say so I’m probably not the best person to ask. The worst I can say is some might find it repetitive going from puzzle to puzzle. I personally didn’t get bored by that at all though.

patriz420980d ago


Thanks for the info, I don't really trust reviews anymore.

zahdab980d ago (Edited 980d ago )

depends on what difficulty you play it as .... ubi has a horrible balancing issues for its games especially for people who like to play games on hard ... instead of making the AI smarter or require more twitchy reflexes to make games more challenging ... they always chooses to make the ennemies tankier and makes playing the game feel like a slog.
it has a great environnement for exploration and platforming but playing the game on hard just kills it ... even if u level up enough the game levels up all the ennemies to keep the slog ongoing. one of few games i am considering to lower difficulty to hopefully make it more enjoyable though not sure if its the same on lower difficulty, i usually enjoy a challenge but i just dont enjoy having to drag a fight just coz the ennemy health bar requires a fun 5 minutes fight to become a 20 minutes one.

toxic-inferno981d ago

Looking forward to additional haptic feedback on the PS5. I've only just started the game, so will enjoy this!

Teflon02981d ago

Only game where the triggers are loud unnecessarily. Hope it makes em quiet. But it's such a great game

boing1981d ago

Awesome game. Really surprised me. It's multiplatform Zelda.

phoenixwing980d ago (Edited 980d ago )

looks like you got a disagree for being accurate lol Not only that it doesn't have weapon degradation so it's probably better than zelda.

zahdab980d ago

No at all, the only common element with zelda is the stamina bar and the the open world exploration style ... it doesnt have the dynamic physics and the game mood is quite different.
I was one of the of the people who felt weapon degeneration in zelda was too much and i kinda still think it was overdone but zelda is way better than this one. encounters in zelda were much more interesting and discoveries were more about exploration than about tagging the map for locations to visit.
This is a nice distraction but not an epic adventure.


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PlayStation Plus Game Catalog lineup for March revealed

Highlights include Tchia, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, Ghostwire Tokyo and Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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-Mika-191d ago

Good month. I recommend PS users to download R6 Extraction. It is seriously a really fun and polished co-op game.

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zachyBROosevelt190d ago

Totally agree. The game got dragged in the review market but, get some friends together and it’s definitely worth a shot. It’s just as good with shooting mechanics as siege but no sweat lords to compete with

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Crows90191d ago

That's a crap ton of older good titles...some of which I never got to.

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poppatron191d ago

I’ve been holding out but I think when they start putting psvr 2 titles on there it’ll be my time to dive in

crazyCoconuts191d ago

I was thinking the same thing when I locked in on the deals they had during the last holiday season. I'm normally not a fan of subs but this was so cheap and the likelihood of them adding PSVR2 is pretty high imo. Hopefully within the next 6 months.

SullysCigar191d ago

It'll happen for sure at some point. They did OG PSVR titles on Plus before. Hopefully they'll be great games that flew under the radar, like The Light Brigade seems to be.

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