Dragon Quest Creator Wants To Revolutionize NPC AI For The Series

Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Hori talked about what he envisions for the series in the future in a new interview. He also talked about the series' past.

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Knightofelemia3d ago

A Star Wars game that does not have lootboxes littered all over it, Star Wars games get a new fresh breath of life, Star Wars as a game franchise will no longer be dragged in the dirt by EA, who better to make a Star Wars game then Lucas Arts Studios or Lucasfilm Studios. And in the long run this is probably cheaper for Disney to go another route with the game franchise I am sorry but EA buggered up Star Wars as a game franchise and I am not a big Star Wars fan.

porkChop3d ago

I think you clicked on the wrong post.

jznrpg3d ago

I’ve noticed that happening a lot today in particular. It’s happened to me once or twice . I assume some people are having issues with the site today

Nuvem3d ago

Well, this is the last IP I thought would try to revolutionize NPC a.i.

Teflon023d ago

They saw rimoru and thought, what if our slime were that smart 😂

Inverno3d ago

AI needs to be a priority this gen for all games. We got graphics down, so optimization/AI needs more attention. Especially now with 100+ gig games

porkChop3d ago

CPUs were the limiting factor regarding AI. The CPUs in the PS4/XBO weren't really an improvement over the previous gen, so progress halted on stuff like AI for the most part. This gen sees a huge jump in CPU capabilities, so we should see vastly superior AI in a couple years.

Juancho513d ago

I really dislike the Dragon Quest games now. I used to enjoy them back in the Squaresoft days, and even shortly after their demise...but now these games just DRAG DRAG DRAG. The world of Dragon Quest 11 was lush and beautiful, but it felt so DEAD. NPCs are boring, everything was too easy, needs more action and dynamics like Final Fantasy 7 remake...this old style RPG was just too slow paced for me.