Why We Deserve A Final Fantasy 6 Remake

We deserved a Final Fantasy 6 remake before a Final Fantasy 7 remake. There, I said it.

Final Fantasy 6 (Final Fantasy 3 to the Western audience) and Final Fantasy 7 are widely considered to be two of the best RPGs in gaming history. The original Final Fantasy 7 was a great game and the remake is pretty darn good so far. That doesn’t take away from the fact that a Final Fantasy 6 remake could have been even better. The sixth installment in the franchise is of higher quality and deserved to receive the remake treatment first.

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Knightofelemia753d ago

Also wouldn't mind a Xenogears remake and for Sony to pop out a Legend of Dragoon remaster or remake

mormeck752d ago

Xenogears still remains of my most compelling gaming experiences ever. Engaging combat, story, exploration, atmosphere. That said, I'm hesitant on a remake that would most likely fail to live up to the experience I had with the original classic masterpiece that the game was.

I wonder how the story will hold up now that I'm a grown ass man. Will it still be profound and challenging?

Knightofelemia752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

The story will hold up no matter what age you are if you enjoy the game from when you were younger to what ever age you are now and still get drawn in to it then it will hold up after all these years. There is more to Xenogears besides the story the characters, the music Yasunori Mitsuda is a great composer, the atmosphere to the game as well is what also draws a person in. I know Ar Tonelico like the back of my ass the game still draws me in the story, the music, the characters I am old and I still enjoy the game. My only fear would be would Square add extra shit to the remake compared to the original game. In the original FF7 game I don't remember Aerith tripping balls and seeing ghosts like she does in the FF7 remake. Only other thing I would hate is if Square made Xenogears episodic like they did with the FF7 remake I hate that I would rather have the game all at once then wait how many years for them to pop out a new episode.

Themba76753d ago

Ive been saying this for years

-Foxtrot753d ago

VII, VIII and IX deserve remakes

It's such a shame VII is being broken up into so many parts because it could be over a decade before we see at least ONE of them. If they just stuck to VII being a direct remake adventure they would have came a lot quicker.

I've been waiting for a VIII Remake since I saw the Waltz for the Moon tech demo on the PS2.

Neonridr753d ago (Edited 753d ago )

we just had a VII remake (albeit only a part of it). I'm guessing you don't count that game for some reason?

Neonridr752d ago

@Foxtrot - that's what I thought you meant. I'd love a VI remake, so so bad.

NapalmSanctuary751d ago

The last thing I'd want to see is FFIX turned into an action rpg.

-Foxtrot750d ago

See I get your point.

One side of the coin...a remake of a beloved FF game

The other side...turn base will be replaced

I liked the system in FFVII, a lot more than FFXV but it still lost a bit of charm which turn based brought to the table and I think compared to others, FFVII fit the action styled combat

I just hope if they do remake the others they don't do what they did in FFVII and change canon, basically making it more than a remake.

masterfox753d ago

Yes we deserve it, we have been such good boy and girls. :D

FallenAngel1984753d ago

If FFVI were to get a remake it’d be on a lower scale like the remakes for FFIII, FFIV, Secret of Mana & Trials of Mana

FFVIIR’s production would add always have been handled independently of however a potential FFVI remake would be commissioned. Plus I’d say it’s more likely that Square Enix would remake FFV before FFVI

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The story is too old to be commented.