Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 PS4 Returns To Some PSN Storefronts After Delisting In 2018

From PSU: "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on PS4 has returned to some PlayStation Store fronts after being delisted in 2018. Get the latest right here."

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Majin-vegeta254d ago

Glad I got these bedore they were delisted

253d ago
Knightofelemia254d ago

They should have added Alliance 1 with 2 and Xmen Legends still great games that I own and play.

neutralgamer1992253d ago

Physical media especially for these licensed games

autobotdan253d ago

Unfortunately this game was never on a physical disc for ps4 or xbox one.

neutralgamer1992252d ago

Oh yeah I have these on ps3. Activision probably missed their chance but they just wanted the quick buck

Profchaos252d ago

Anything with a license at all any open world game with real world music on the radio, sports titles, racing games, rythem games the list goes on.
It's only stuff like tlou or horizon where it's all end to end Sony IP that I have no concerns about buying digital

addictedtochaos253d ago

Only for Europe at this time. 🙁 They were initially delisted the day before I went to buy them.

autobotdan253d ago

Grab it while you can asap. Fun game and it should already be backwards compatible on ps5. I already have the digital 2 pack of both original Marvel ultimate alliance games on xbox one. I purchased them on sale just before they got delisted

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