Do we really need a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition?

Nintendo has said in the past that they don't plan to make a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition. Here's why that's a good decision.

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Knightofelemia50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Since the NES mini and SNES mini did well in sales an N64 mini is the next choice I would buy it. Problem is will Microsoft allow some of the games that made the N64 a great console to come to light on an N64 mini. Like Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct, Banjo Kazooie, Jet Force Gemini, Conker, Doom64. Also could Nintendo get the license to release Golden Eye on the N64 mini that was a great game. I like the Genesis mini I wish Sega would release another Sega mini console like Saturn, Dreamcast or even the SMS they did a way better job then the At Game machine. Only mini I did not like was the PS1 mini the only one that was poorly planned and rushed.

UltraNova50d ago

Agreed, let's not kid ourselves here, If Nintendo could get the licence for those big hitters the N64 classic would already be in stores. Why say no to a cheap money printing machine?

Vits50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I think is much more than that. Because when you take into account everything that Nintendo would need to make it desirable and the current situation in the world. The end product become much more expensive than their previous offers.

First, they have this huge issue with licensing. As they don't own half the games that made the N64 excellent. In addition they have a big problem with their in-house games as many of them depended on multiplayer. Series like Mario Kart, Mario Party and Mario Tennis are a huge part of their catalog, but they need a lot of players to actually shiny. Meanwhile games like Pokemon Stadium and Hey you, Pikachu! required special hardware to either play or to unlock all their functionalities.

Then we have a complexity issue in both hardware and software. Even today emulating N64 is not as straightforward as NES/SNES with many games having issues or requiring a hack to work perfectly. And that means more investiment in that front. And the same goes for hardware especially the controllers that are likely more expensive to produce.

And on top of all that. They would still have to make it a great deal as the N64 is a considerably less popular console than it's older brothers. However doing that is not easy, first the issue with multiplayer. It's unlikely that they would ship it with 4 controllers, the most reasonable would be 2. But that already make the deal sour. As buyers would have to fork for 2 more controllers to actually get all of what the console offers. And at the same time social distancing is still a thing.

With all that. I don't think a N64 Classic would be a cheap money printing machine. It's more likely that it wouldn't be worth the effort. Especially because they have a much cheaper and easier console to make a Classic version of: The Game Boy and to a lesser extend the Game Boy Advance.

UltraNova49d ago


Very well thought-out comment. Agreed with almost everything you said but, I still believe they will sell as many as they can make, provided they can overcome all those hurdles first.

Vits49d ago

Well, yes. It's very unlikely that they wouldn't turn a profit on such a project. The issue is that the maximum profit that they could generate with it would be much smaller than what the NES/SNES provided. And what they could achieve with other Classic consoles, like a GB series.

Sometimes is not really about making a profit. Is about making all the profit.

FinalSpero50d ago

Listen... We don't NEED one. I mean I have a perfectly fine emulator on my pc.
That said, I still WANT one. So I can waste $80+ on something I don't need. Please.

TheColbertinator50d ago

No but I want it and will pay whatever Nintendo wants

MetroidFREAK2150d ago

I would buy it. I no longer have a NES or SNES classic, but I would definitely keep N N64 classic

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