Let Bluepoint Remake Bloodborne on PS5 Already

International Gamer Pubcast: “It’s a match made in heaven: the masters of remakes and a masterpiece held back by its technical performance. Bluepoint Games needs to remake Bloodborne for the PlayStation 5, and it may already be doing so. Here's IGP host Rhys’ take on the situation.”

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potatoseal57d ago

As much as I would like to see that, I don't believe it needs to be remade. PS4 games looks good enough. It just needs a remaster and to make it a locked 60 FPS.

SullysCigar57d ago

This - I'd definitely be interested in a remaster, but wouldn't think a remake is necessary. I'd rather they worked on a game that needed it more.

bouzebbal56d ago

No remake, just an enhancement..
We want a sequel.

utopiancat57d ago

It probably doesn't even need that, it probably just needs a patch to unlock the framerate.

lifeisgamesok57d ago

Agreed. Let Bluepoint do Silent Hill, Resistance, Legend of Dragoon or Killzone 2

Bobertt56d ago

I would kill for a Resistance trilogy remaster from them.

UltraNova56d ago

Just imagine Killzone 2 in Bluepoint's hands... Eyes WILL bleed!

Rocketisleague55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I'm guessing all those games bar killzone 2 are too big a project for bluepoint? Unless you wanna keep the gameplay identical to the older version?

Well, what do ya want, a demons souls style remake or a resi 2 style remake

Army_of_Darkness55d ago

Bluepoint should definitely do a Killzone and resistance remastered trilogy! That would be spectacular!! [email protected]!

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Jin_Sakai56d ago

Bluepoint should make a game of their own. It could be Mediocre or GOTY. We’ll never know unless they’re giving a chance.

Darkborn56d ago

I really want bluepoint to work on demon's Souls 2.

Rocketisleague55d ago

Would rather leave souls in fromsofts hands thanks, why not give the last of us or metal gear to bluepoint huh?

Come on, they remake they don't create games

TheProblem56d ago

I’d like to see bluepoint team up with from soft for blood borne 2. From soft do all the writing / design bluepoint can create the engine

UltraNova56d ago

They already have the engine ready!

patriz42056d ago

Nah man, it was spectacular during the time of definitely needs a polish..after playing demons souls ps5, this needs to happen 🤣

Sunny1234556d ago

Agreed. If you gona wish for something wish for bloodborne 2.

LoveSpuds55d ago

Agreed 100%, as long as a remaster gets a new trophy list. A good chunk of the Bloodborne fan base, who would be most likely to buy a remaster, will have already earned a platinum trophy so give them a chance to earn it all over again.

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hulk_bash198755d ago

Big facts. Just give me a 60fps mode on PS5. Thats all i need.

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ArchangelMike57d ago

I really don't believe we need a remake of Bloodbourne at this stage. The PS5 can already mitigate alot of the "technical limitations" that the game had on PS4.

If Bluepoint are going to work on a project, let them work on a game that wasn't released in the last gen console cycle. You got classics like Vagrant Story for example - now imagine that being given a next gen coat of paint.

shepherdzeMan55d ago

yeah i mean bloodborne already looks next-gen, so a remake is pointless, A sequel, on the other hand, ohohoho that's gonna be lit

RaidenBlack57d ago

Remake Bloodborne? lol, wut? Which aspect of it, demands to be remade?
There are pretty awesome PS1-era classics which are far obvious candidates for remake treatments.
Heck, there should be a general rule to remake games only from 2 generations prior (barring some exceptions).

Games1st57d ago

Bloodborne just need 60 fps calibration. Remade games should really benefit from new tech. Demon Souls being PS3 era with timeless gameplay.

Elda57d ago

It just needs to be enhanced when it comes to the fps & resolution.

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