Ghost of Tsushima: PS5 vs PS4 Pro - The 60fps Difference

Digital Foundry writes, "What did you do over the Christmas break? Rich revisited Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation 5, and dug a little deeper into its 60fps upgrade, how it compares to PS4 Pro, and spent some time playing the impressive Legends DLC."

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Storm23101d ago

So excited to play this game on my PS5. Glad I waited...looks like a great one to get lost in...

Darkborn101d ago

That game is amazing for sure. It really surprised me.

Muzikguy101d ago

I'm playing this game on PS4 right now. I'm reminded of Horizon Zero Dawn and how great that looked as well. Both look amazing and similar it's hard to tell which one does what better. As a game GoT has so much to do so probably the edge goes there. I was thinking about waiting for the PS5 to play but idk when I'll be able to get one. The upgrade seems like it would be a huge difference

bloop101d ago

Same here. Was waiting for PS5 to play GOT but not looking like I'll get my hands on one for a long time and then the game went on sale. I honestly don't know how any reviewer gave this game a low score. Combat is tight and intense, the world is one of the most visually stunning I've experienced and the story is keeping me more than engaged. Just begun act 2 and so far it's no less than a 9 for me.

UltraNova100d ago

My GotY for sure. Act 3 is where it really opens up and Jin's abilities will shine. One of, if not the best samurai games I've played.

Everyone must experience this gem.

Double_O_Revan101d ago

I also waited to play this on PS5. I'm now 35 hours in and it's fantastic. You are right, it's a great game to just get lost in. I've only just started the 2nd act. I explored every inch of the first portion of the island and completed everything before moving on.

Storm23101d ago

Nice! I’m the same way too. Will take me a long time to go through the game. First I’m gonna play through Days Gone on my PS5 (since I somehow only played a couple hours when I got it at launch, luckily on PS5 it will be great) then GoT. I also have to play through Bloodborne after my first souls game was recent with the Demon’s Souls remake. Happy gaming ahead 🙂

101d ago
Sayai jin101d ago

One of my favorite games from last gen easily.

100d ago
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Si-Fly101d ago

I waited to play it on PS5 and I’ve been a bit disappointed by the graphics. A lot of the landscape is really basic, the rock faces in particular. And what’s up with the steps built into the rocks where you can climb? I know they need to signpost these areas but the way they’ve done it looks awful.

Gameplay is fun and some of the lighting is gorgeous but after Miles, TLOU2 and Demon Souls it doesn’t feel very special visually to me.

waverider101d ago

I disagree, its one the first games that i really stop to take pics. Amazing ones. Riding the horse in the fields. Really great stuff

Pocahontas101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

It’s art direction makes the graphics great but overall it is hindered by last gen console but probably my most visually stunning game this year and yes that’s over the film grainy last of us

SoloFish101d ago

I said to my friend who hasn't played it that I didn't think it was the best looking game and he would not believe me. When looking over the landscapes it's stunning but up close it isn't as good as horizon z dawn. Gow, or spiderman. Absolutely love the game though. It was my favourite of 2020 tied with ori will of the wisps

Kyizen101d ago

Sony games do that alot. Uncharted and The last of us 1 would put yellow flags or bars where you can climb. Tomb raider too. I think games need to move past that like Vahalla or Breath of the wild where you can climb what you want

bouzebbal101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

This game has one of the best Vista I've ever seen in a video game.. It's so hard to distinguish it from real life sometimes.
I even think the faces are well animated for an open world game like this, better than Horizons as an example.

I rarely pressed share button this many times as I did with this game. Last game I did it with was Ff7R because I loved the facial animations of my favorite characters so much.
Tlou2 is just a better looking tlou1.

Christopher100d ago

The steps built in look more natural than using color, which is usual. Making them less noticeable would frustrate players. I disagree they look awful. Awful is painting everything a certain color, IMHO.

I think the difference on opinion on which is more visually appealing is really up to what people focus on as far as art direction. I really like all the games you mention, but thematically I thought GoT was just so well done compared to the others.

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Bathyj101d ago

And yet this couldn't make it into Digital Foundry's top 9 (why 9) for graphics because of some of the animations. WTF?

Cyberpunk got number 1 and I'm sure there are no strange animations in that game. Minecraft made it in too. All beautifully animated as well, I'm just saying.

Nodoze100d ago

THIS is the power of an exclusive. Such care, focus, attention, detail, and FUN.

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Duke19101d ago

Im going to give it another shot on PS5 for sure to compare against the PS4 Pro, but mostly for the eye goodies.

The 60 fps looks nice and smooth, but imo 60 fps sometimes take away the almost cinematic feeling of the game in at lower FPS

boing1101d ago

The combat feels much snappier, though. Plays great.

Kyizen101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Maybe 30fps in cutscenes but gameplay wise I am now sold on 60fps. I don't think I can go back to 30fps

BenRC01100d ago

Total myth spun by devs about "cinematic" its not a movie, if it was it would be 24fps and almost unplayable. Games are always better at 60 regardless of genre.

Duke19100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

That is entirely false. The way in which frames/framerate are perceived by the eye absolutely has an impact on the overall visual style (and is why developers then have to use other tricks such as motion blurring to account for a desired effect). Just pushing everything to a higher frame rate does not necessarily equate to a better product.

BenRC01100d ago

@duke19 You're confusing film with videogames. 2 completely different mediums. Why is ghosts so much better at 60? Probably the most cinematic game out there, concrete proof that 30fps is inferior when it comes to video games.

Imalwaysright101d ago

30 fps feels like slow motion when compared to 60 fps.

ScootaKuH100d ago

Agree. I never knew how much of an impact it made. I'm playing AC Valhalla and Demon's Souls on their performance mode. I tried switching to quality/cinematic modes but the drop to 30fps is jarring. I'll take framerate over resolution any day of the week

spirited101d ago

It took DF long for this.I hope we get Horizon zero dawn 60 fps patch on ps5 as well and not the remaster.

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