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Tom Chick - "A triumph of open world design, exploration, and writing. And one of the most endearing characters you'll meet in a videogame."

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RgR66d ago

I've come to despise ubisoft open world this really that good?

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coolbeans66d ago

Judging by the general consensus, there is something more condensed and thrilling about it. I'm just starting to take a crack at it, so I can't say for myself.

PTMG66d ago

It's probably the least Ubisoft open world Ubisoft have done. It's not overly big and doesn't take long to get from one place to another. It's still packed full of collectables and puzzles but not all of em are required to finish the game or even get the platinum trophy.

Story is basic but fun and the characters and voice acting is top notch.

I just bought it because it was cheap but ended up being one of my surprise games of the year.

Moe-Gunz65d ago

I agree with PTMG

It’s a nice fun little game however I wouldn’t go as far as giving it a perfect score.

Takwin65d ago

It's a solid 9/10 and truly fun. If you have any interest in open-world RPG (think Genshin without microtransactions, or the commonly cited Breath of the Wild plus Assassin's Creed Odyssey), this is a must-play. I got the Ubisoft+ to play Watch Dogs, AC Valhalla, and Fenyx, and Fenyx was by far the most FUN. I really liked AC Valhalla, and WD Legion was ok but repetitive and not as good as WD 2.

RgR65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I stopped playing genuine 10 minutes in because I already knew how it would turn out

I haven't liked any assassin's creed since the 1st one except for black flag.

Also disliked breath of the wild due to the lack of dungeons opting instead for mini puzzles.

So I'm still not sold on it but might give a try since I do like the lore behind the game quite a bit.

potatoseal65d ago

I was convinced that I wouldn't touch this game with a 10-foot pole. But I'm seriously reconsidering. There are a lot of people who disliked Valhalla but really enjoyed this game. Like a lot. There is lots of praise for this game fomr people that I respect. I now believe that I have to play this game. I will be getting it very soon

FanyboyDestroyer65d ago

No it’s the same shit as always.

RgR65d ago

That's my concern. I mean so many people still love assassin's creed.

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Angrymorgan65d ago

I'm enjoying it, its better than assassins creed imo...then again I haven't played one since black flag.
The combat gets repetitive but never boring if that makes sense. The art style looks awsome too...something different

RgR65d ago

That was my issue with AC. Black flag is also the last one I played.

The combat got boring after a while. Especially once you're pretty strong and ca just wipe an entire city.