Top Five Most Disappointing Games of 2020

Phil writes, "It's an annual tradition at SuperPhillip Central's year-end award show to talk about the best and brightest in gaming each and every year. It's also an annual tradition that we take the good with the bad--the yin with the yang, if you will--and publish one less-than-stellar category to have your game nominated for, and that's SPC's Most Disappointing Games of the year. 2020 is no different--save for a grotesque pandemic threatening all of us, of course--so the SuperPhillip Central Best of 2020 Awards rolls on with the games that didn't live up to the hype, as the kids say, didn't live up to their potential, or were just plain bad! Here are the list of "winners" as we count down the Top Five Most Disappointing Games of 2020."

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Knushwood Butt67d ago

Will make a note to avoid Minecraft Dungeons.

bouzebbal67d ago

From what I played this gen tlou2 is the biggest disappointment this year.. I made it halfway and I couldn't anymore.

Haaliax67d ago

For me Minecraft Dungeons was great. I really liked the aesthetics and it is a simple fun game to play

Knushwood Butt67d ago

My kids play the base game so it's only a matter of time before they start asking about expansions / DLC.

67d ago
AfricanWoolf67d ago

Wild guess: cyberpunk is number 1. Not even clicking. I just know this was written largely as a cover to complain about cyberpunk. Am I right? Be honest now, dearie.

lelo2play67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

From a business point it doesn't make sense, but they should have avoided releasing Cyberpunk for PS4/XB1.

CD Projekt after years and years of impeccable reputation, all went down the drain for a bad console port...

CantThinkOfAUsername67d ago

Hopefully they turn it around like No Man's Sky, and give us the proper game that was advertised/shown.

Abnor_Mal67d ago

Ah the Avengers game, initially started off looking rough with character faces and low gamer excitement. The devs worked on the faces and tried to make thr game look more exciting, still really no takers. Now the fame has released and is a wasteland will little to no players dying a slow painful death.

"...and while the execution was off-putting, the numerous bugs and glitches, matchmaking errors at launch, and painful progression meant that the player base vanished as quickly as a snap from Thanos' fingers."
Bu... bu... but crossplay play tho, it will swoop in and save the day replenishing dead servers with players from other platform, it will bring seperate universes together for one great gaming community. So I ask where are all these people now who were championing crossplay, why are multiplayer games still dying?

Edgelordsupreme67d ago

Saying Avengers failed so this is some kind of great Mea Culpa against all MP games is something only a "gamer" could think up. You truly are one of the special people that keeps this community stupid, kudos it akes a talented idiot to appear markedly more inept than the average N4G user.

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