Capcom Has Officially Revealed the "Retro Station"

After a leaked retail listing in late November, Capcom has officially revealed the Retro Station console featuring a variety of Mega Man and Street Fighter titles.

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autobotdan57d ago

No Ultra Street Fighter 2?? Why?

autobotdan57d ago

We do need a Ultra Street Fighter 2 EX Alpha Max Final Edition in 2021 lol Is that too much to ask from Capcom? Ha

56d ago
franwex57d ago

As expected-a bunch of versions of street fighter 2.

autobotdan57d ago

Every version of Street Fighter 2 in existence minuse Ultra SF2 lol

CrimsonWing6957d ago

Did the US ever get that arcade thing that included Aliens vs Predator?

Outlawzz57d ago

Well this is a pointless and pretty expensive release. Street fighter 2 and the crappy megaman minigames lol I guess collectors will eat this up

GamerBeast198257d ago

Damn that thing is ugly easy pass

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The story is too old to be commented.