The Witcher 3's "NextGen" mod will make the game look better than ever

Halk Hogan's 'NextGen' mod will release in 2021.

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SullysCigar1292d ago

Well that title's a revelation..

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DaveZero1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Wonder what it will look like because they did impressive when it was brought onto last gen consoles from the previous gen.

Maybe they should create some more content for it as well, sales always seem strong for the game.

SullysCigar1292d ago

What are you talking about? I think you're confused.

It was never on the gen before. It launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC originally, then came to Switch. It will next receive a patch for PS5 and Xbox Series XS.

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Aussiesummer1292d ago

This is a peice about a pc mod, not the apparent official next gen update and after the clusterfuck that was cyberpunk im thinking it won't happen for a while if at all.

CantThinkOfAUsername1292d ago

CDPR are not handling the next gen update themselves.

l33t_haxx0r1292d ago

old game is old, old game should stay old

ConTroll1291d ago

I agree but CDPR doesn't know how to make anything else

masterfox1292d ago

The Witcher 3: Cow and Fruit Remaster Edition

DerfDerf1292d ago

Were those comparisons running on low setting? That's not what that stuff looks like in my game lol

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Gameplay vs Narrative: What Matters More In A Game?

A Flavorful Game Or A Responsive One? Or Both?

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shinoff218314d ago

Both tbh. Ff16 had a great story but the gameplay made me dislike alot.

thorstein13d ago


I don't understand why we need an article claiming that it's an either/or choice.

Abnor_Mal14d ago

Gameplay is why we play video games, but a game should also have a good narrative to incentivize you to continue playing and look for the princess in the next castle.

kennyg12313d ago

might be why you play but its sure not why I play video games. I play for the story 9/10

SimpleSlave14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

What an absurd question. Gameplay is king. It's the reason we PLAY Videogames. The fact that you have to ask this question is already problematic.

Also, the Gameplay IS the story. YOUR story.

A great narrative with bad gamplay will always be a bad game, but a bad narrative with amazing gameplay will always be a classic. And if both are amazing, then good for you, but we know which one is expendable.

toxic-inferno14d ago

The Guardians of the Galaxy game has extremely mediocre gameplay, but the narrative and character design and development make it - in a lot of people's opinions - a good game.

kennyg12313d ago

same with telltales the walking dead, almost no gameplay to talk about. weird how those who perfer gameplay cant phatom that alot of people think different

gold_drake13d ago

i dunmo if a agree with that

silent hill 2 would be vreat example of a game with fantastic narrative but basic gameplay.

it depends how the devs make it