50 Upcoming Games in 2021 for Consoles and PC

We've created a giant list of 50 upcoming games in 2021 for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC. Here's everything we have to look forward to!

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Knightofelemia65d ago

No Tales of Arise or Scarlett Nexus

NeoGamer23264d ago

I just find these lists hilarious right now with COVID still around. Any game without an exact ship date for 2021 could be delayed. Especially games that are scheduled for the back half of the year. I don't trust any game shipping unless it has a specific ship date for 2021.

Any games without a specific ship date don't yet have a plan on how they will ship in 2021.

Storm2365d ago

Good list of games for 2021. January 12th release for GoW: Ragnarok, little mistake there. Would be awesome if that was true. Many games I am amped for.