WoW Classic Plus or TBC Classic? Which Would be Better?

Jacob S. from Link Cable Gaming writes:"Ever since its introduction, World of Warcraft: Classic has provided millions of fans of the long-standing MMO with unaltered content for those who which to experience the game for what it once was from sixteen years ago. Since that time, people have been able to cap off their main characters, fight the likes of C’Thun, Ragnoros, and Kel’Thuzad, and all but complete the content that is offered in this vast open-world adventure. The attention now turns to see how Blizzard Entertainment will go about and cater to this newfound audience with the most likely outcome is that we will be stepping through the Dark Portal once more and take the fight to Outland with WoW’s first-ever expansion with The Burning Crusade, but there is another intriguing possibility that would make World of Warcraft: Classic a completely new and separate experience than what we have played through throughout the years by introducing unused content to create a new World of Warcraft adventure altogether."

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