Destiny 2 Runs at Dynamic 4K On PS5/XSX, and Dynamic 1080p On Series S at 60 FPS

Destiny 2 has been upgraded to a next-generation version with an update on PS5, Xbox Series S, and X. The game now runs at 60 FPS with fast load times.

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Rimeskeem68d ago

Does that mean it will be 1080+ or?

deadfrag68d ago

It means it tops at 1080p and can go below that!

pedrof9368d ago

It seems to me that XSX holds better framerate than Ps5.

Babadook767d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Mostly locked 60. I counted 9 frame drops on ps5 vs 20 on XSX.

68d ago
GottaBjimmyb67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

So, IDK how they are capturing, but even factoring in Youtube compression, this video looks poorly representative on PS5. (and I assume XSX) Very bad colors and Contrast added onto the noise from compression and it just looks bad.

TheColbertinator68d ago

lol yeah what is that? I mean really now.

S2Killinit68d ago

Its basically a current gen console masquerading as a next gen console.

InUrFoxHole68d ago

Its basically a cheaper option... Remember when gamers liked options?

Welshy68d ago


Which generation launched in the past offering 2 sku's with 1 being almost an entire generation behind the other?

You could even argue that the One X from last gen is superior when you consider it actually ran games at 4k and Series S can't even run the One X enhancements of games.

That's not the kind if "options" I want as a gamer.

zypher68d ago


We tend to like smarter options ... PS5 Digital, for instance, which retains all of PS5's power while being $100 cheaper.

S2Killinit67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

I love options, but good ones that make things better, not worst. I also dont like to be misled.

Orchard67d ago

@S2Killinit did your last gen console have Zen 2 cores and a RDNA2 GPU? My PS4 has weak Jaguar cores :(

cell98967d ago

Literally with PS4/xbone margins

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gamer780468d ago (Edited 68d ago )

That’s totally fine, there are a lot of gamers who have high end 1080p 3d tvs that might only need a series s. Why spend the extra 100-200$ish

Perhaps it’s a second or third console, if someone has 4 kids it’s expensive to spend an extra 400-800 on consoles for them.

DaveZero68d ago

Someone with some sense, I enjoy my series S and it does have enhanced games still, just not as enhanced as Series X.

I got mind for abit of an upgrade but obviously i didnt have the 4ktv n all that, all this was known to people before the console released.

I think some people want to try witch hunt the series S and make daft arguement out of nothing. For me the console is a much more better improvement on last gen apart from the no 4k thing and there are alot of people who do not do 4k yet.

Locutus_of_borg68d ago

Problem is the series s doesn’t fit the narrative of all the armchair engineers , who all seem to think they know better but can only rinse and repeat the same ol lines...

Tacoboto67d ago

My Series S is a second console tying me over until Halo Infinite.

As it is today, sure details aren't as crisp as One X (forget comparing anything to my PS5), but I am loving Halo MCC and Gears 5 MP in 120hz even if it is just 1080p. It has its place and yes, it's still a speedy machine. You feel the Zen 2 CPU advantage immediately.

instantstupor67d ago (Edited 67d ago )


I don't think there's anything wrong with the XSS in theory, but its execution to this point leaves something to be desired. MS was painting this as a 1440p60 machine, and it has shown that it is mostly unable to do that. Cross-gen games like AC:Val & Destiny 2 here try for 1080p at the top end and, in the case of AC:V, can dip into 720p. This is true even of MS's in-house Forza Horizon 4. In the titles it hits 1440p in, they tend to be 30fps. The trend that's forming seems to point to the XSS as a dynamic 1080p60 system instead - which can be fine, but I think we'd all really expect this machine to be dynamic 1440p60 with the lows hitting 1080p rather than 720p. 720p really has no place in a next gen system of any price point.

My unease is that if this is what is happening early on and with cross gen titles, is this going to impact multiplatform games going forward that have to support this lower-end SKU? And for those who buy it, will they have to worry that games targeting next gen will have an even harder time keeping up acceptable resolutions and framerates given the uncertainty we're seeing in cross gen games?

I think the S is a very good idea in theory, and I'm all for options. But the reality seems to not be matching up to the marketing performance & it leaves some question marks about how things will go as time goes on.

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kayoss67d ago

We have to remember these games are not built for the next gen console, so the developer do their best to try to upgrade it for next Gen. Im pretty sure that if Destiny 2 was rebuilt for PS5 or XSX, it can do a lot better than this.

jhpadilla67d ago

1080p at 60fps (multiplayer at 120fps if supported by TV or Monitor) for $299. That's a steal!

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utopiancat68d ago

Series S is going to be an anchor this whole generation for Microsoft. Imagine if they want to have a mid gen console and it's games still get dragged on by Series S. What a terrible idea for a "next gen" console.

dazzysima68d ago

I thought it was just the GPU that was different in the architecture? If that is the case surely it’s just a point of tweaking the settings to take advantage of the additional power?

cfir68d ago

@dazzysima It has less memory, much slower memory bus & a lower cpu clock speed also. While you could argue the reduced memory (and some of the memory bandwidth) could be offset by the lower resolution rendering, the reduced cpu capability and cpu memory bandwidth seem more of an issue. For the slower cpu memory it drops from [email protected]/s to [email protected]/s.

BenRC0168d ago

Yes it is and thats the problem. You can't make a game that takes full advantage of the sx 12tf because it has to run on the s. All you'll get is S capable games with a bump in rez, some rt or framerate boost.

ABizzel168d ago (Edited 68d ago )


It is but it isn't.

The GPU is 1/3 the power of the Series X, it only has 10GB of RAM compared to 16GB for the other 2 consoles, of which only 8GB is useable and it's significantly slower RAM in comparison.

So you can reduce the resolution in some games and be fine, however, in games that are using more than 8GB of VRAM you have to basically use different assets, LOD, and build different settings into all your games so you can have them playable on the console, then you have to determine if it's worth the fight to get the Series S version up to the same fps as a Series X game. For example, there are Series X games that are 60fps and only 30fps (AC Vahalla was once one of them), and to get parity they have to drop resolutions below 1080p which fps is more important, but a 2020 console dropping to 2006 console resolutions AT LAUNCH, is what's so concerning about this.

Now this fits with MS strategy of making all their games come to PC, so they have a low-spec target (the Series S) and they have their recommended target (the Series X), but this ideology doesn't make anyone have the desire to max out the Series X and make the best and most powerful game they can make, because they always have to have a target spec for Series S, even first-party devs. Xbox is basically an off the shelf gaming PC running Xbox OS at this point, which isn't a bad thing, it's just rare to see anyone attempt to push the hardware to the max in that kind of environment.

Orchard67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

@cfir Lower CPU clock is an issue? It’s 0.2Ghz and the XSS CPU is FASTER than the PS5.

So is the PS5 holding this generation back with its weak cpu?

This is no different from PC games running on an intel I5 + 980 while also running on an intel I9 + 3090 - and that hasn’t held back PC games from looking and running great.

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FanyboyDestroyer67d ago

I thought you fanboys got over that topic when Spider-Man and a few other games were going to come to the PS4 as well.

utopiancat67d ago

That's funny because you xbox fanboys keep bringing up Spider-Man meanwhile most Sony fans were actually disappointed that some new games were still going to be cross gen.

So while xbox fanboys were busy defending cross gen and denying that things can be held back with crap like "sliders" PlayStation owners were disappointed the next gen wouldn't be full on. But unlike xbox PlayStation will have games fully designed around PS5 where as SX will never have a game designed fully around it's hardware because everything will always have to work on S.

Get back to me when you haven't been waiting YEARS for an actual next gen game. I'm sure it'll be right after that E3 you guys keep telling us to wait for.

Games1st67d ago

Devs will take the easy route and use lower base graphics for all. Spider-man doesn't affect a whole generation of games.

Sirk7x67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Most video games are multi-platform. If you think it's going to be an anchor, then it's going to be an anchor for 99 percent of the industry in general. Think bigger lol.

autobotdan68d ago

4k is so 2020. Its time to move on to 8k consoles

S2Killinit68d ago

Lets get past dynamic 1080 first, then we will discuss 8k.

TheRealTedCruz68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Hope you're being sarcastic, because videogame hardware is still in its infancy at 4k. Consoles barely running it at meager settings, and only $1200+ PCs running it properly.

I think we're still in the area where people should be aiming for 1440p/60fps in most recent releases.

68d ago
RazzerRedux68d ago


"You mean even a $3000 PC cant run games at native 4k60? The 3090 drops to 15fps in native 4k in cp2077."

RTX 3090 has an average frame rate in the 40s running 4k at Ultra settings and DLSS Performance Mode. That card can easily handle 4K/60 at lower settings. Heck, my 2080 Super can run at 4K/60 if I lower quality settings down far enough and crank up DLSS. So no, you don't have to have a $3000 PC to achieve this.

instantstupor67d ago (Edited 67d ago )


DLSS is great, but predex84 mentioned "native 4k". DLSS is not native, as upsampling from a lower resolution is the sauce that gives that performance bump. I believe that the highest quality resolution that DLSS uses for 4k is 1440p native/internal, with its lowest "ultra performance" setting for 4k upscaling from 720p.

To be clear, I think DLSS is a great option & some of the results are truly impressive. But it isn't native 4k. Native 4k is truly a beast of a spec to run with modern engines & rendering techniques - doubly so when one of those techniques is ray tracing.

RazzerRedux67d ago


Yeah, you are right. I didn't catch the "native" reference. I'm not sure why people even talk about "native 4K" anymore at all, frankly. The sacrifices made for such an minute increase in clarity just isn't worth it so why are we still talking about hitting a largely irrelevant target?

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Sirk7x67d ago

Time to move onto deep learning as an industry standard, and improve upon it, so we don't need to render in native resolutions at all.

Father__Merrin68d ago

The 60fps is nice but 8nstall size is ridiculous

Welshy68d ago

Is it? The game is smaller now than before. I stopped playing around the end of the Forsaken expansion and it was over the 100gb mark.

The PS5 version is sub 70gb I'm sure.

Taero68d ago

I thought so too and then realized I'd ended up with both versions installed :/

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