Project CARS 4 "Will Be The Most Realistic Simulation Ever Made"

From GT Planet: "While Project CARS 3 is still pretty fresh in the mind following its launch in August 2020, attention is already turning to the next game in the series.

Ian Bell, the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, has been posting on social media regarding the next step in the Project CARS series, and it’s fair to say he’s promising something good. In fact, he’s promising nothing short of “the most realistic simulation ever made”."

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medman1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

After what I just witnessed with a certain game that shall not be named, I'm taking this claim with a truckload of salt.....

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georeo1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I agree with this comment betting my life against it lol.

TallDarknWavy1274d ago

Gamers really are the biggest whiny dirty diaper babies.
Project Cars 3 when you turn off all assists is actually super fun on PS4 pro on framerate mode. The gameplay is by far the most fun I've had in a while, and I play Gran Turismo Sport every day, and was a massive fan of Project Cars 2.
PC3 feels like Need for Speed Shift. Turn up the AI difficulty with no assists except ABS and it's so much fun. These idiot reviewers bashing it are so pathetic, complaining it needs to pick either being an arcade racer like Burnout or Grip, or a simulator like PC2 or Assetto Corsa is ridiculous. Hardcore sims are for dorks, and arcade racers are for children. The happy medium is where the fun is for the majority of people, and unfortunately pathetic reviewers shit on the happy medium.

Army_of_Darkness1274d ago

I have to agree with Talldark.
I don't want a driving simulator, I want a fun racing game! Why? Cause I drive everyday to work and I hate it.

XxINFERNUSxX1275d ago

Want a medal? Shit don't hang.

specialguest1275d ago

I'm not convinced. PC3 was a big change from the sim racer game that PC1&2 were. Several things changed including handling, reduced features, and it felt more like casual friendly racer

NeoGamer2321275d ago

Project Cars is nothing compared to GT and Forza Motorsports.

kayoss1274d ago

I know driveclub is not a sim, but in my opinion its better than project cars.

georeo1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I had a really good time with drive club after they fixed the online back in the day.

NeoGamer2321274d ago

DriveClub's launch was awful. But they fixed the game and it turned out good. I do not forgive developers who ship broken messes though.

And talking about really good non-sim racers Forza Horizon 4 is the top of the pile.