New Warframe "Lavos" and 2021 Preview Revealed

In the last devstream for Warfame, Digital Extremes shows off the new Warfame Lavos, gives a preview of 2021, announces an all-mech mode and more.

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spicelicka71d ago

Man this game has the coolest art style I've seen, tried it once but was lost because MMO's are daunting and I can't commit to that. Kinda wish it was a regular game like Gears or something with a linear campaign.

ecchiless71d ago

did you really tried? cause the game is not a really mmo and is actually more linear. Just 3 open worlds and they are not that big.

spicelicka71d ago

No I didn't really try tbh, but that's good to know. I will definitely give it another chance.