Warframe First Update of 2024 Launching in March, Here's What to Expect From "Dante Unbound"

Warframe's first update of 2024 is headed out this March! Titled "Dante Unbound," this brings a new Warframe, QoL changes and more.


Warframe Dante Nerf Due to Player Outrage Causes More Player Outrage

A week went by after the Dante Unbound update, and the devs nerfed him right away. Is the new Warframe still good or is it now kaput?

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Warframe’s Gauss Prime Access is now available on all platforms

"Digital Extremes are today very happy and excited to announce that Warframe’s Gauss Prime Access is now available on all platforms (PC, consoles, and mobile)." - Digital Extremes.

DivineHand12588d ago

I just hope the prime variant is easier to get than the original.


PlayStation Plus Just Quietly Released a Free Upgrade For a Classic Sci-Fi Shooter

There has never been a better time to try out 'Warframe' on PlayStation than right now thanks to this PS Plus freebie.

P_Bomb103d ago

I think it’s cuz they’re giving away swag that usually costs money, like platinum.

ocelot07102d ago

They do release ps+ packs for Warframe every few months. Like they do with cod each new season.

KwietStorm_BLM102d ago

They legitimately find any reason to say _______ just quietly released _______ as much as possible.

anast102d ago

Sony should have spent 500 mil on marketing this upgrade...ffs game writers really don't know their industry.