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Cyberpunk 2077 is a great game, but it could have been an incredible game that defined a generation.

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SullysCigar120d ago

It looks like CDPR managed to hold back the honest reviews for long enough to get their money. They can poke their hollow apology. Even apart from the performance issues and HUGE variety of bugs, this game was held back due to the allure of a massive old gen install base.

I'll buy it cheap in a year or so once they've finished it, because I know there will be fun to be had - it's just a shame it's not what it could have been.

TheExecutioner120d ago

Bro i think majority positive review comes from PC

1nsomniac120d ago

As someone who has the game on PC running RTX Ultra at 1440p @60fps. I agree with this score. Although I’ll admit I’ve only played an hour so far so that could change drastically but initial impressions are that the gameplay as a whole is very shallow and lacking.

nommers120d ago

From what I can see the combat has very mixed reactions. The gunplay is not very tight and the AI is inconsistent. The main quest is ok, not great not terrible. The sidequests are really the meat and potatoes and perhaps the only reason to get the game.

Notellin120d ago

Yeah I was never going to buy this game until Next gen upgrade and 10$ black friday sale.

Same as I did for The Witcher 3. Didn't miss out anything other than I got to play a more stable version with tons of extra features/content and bug fixes at a lower price.

gamer7804120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

On pc and next gen consoles it runs really well and is def up for goty on those. But i totally agree with the half that are upset. I tried the game on my last gen console and it ran so slow I I don’t want to play it at all on those even if I didn’t have a pc ps5 or xsx

JustTheFax120d ago

I don't feel so bad using a russian VPN to buy it for $25 now!

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TheExecutioner120d ago

Happy to see low scores for this garbage title
They delayed so much and focused on many other things like making kojima which is my opinion looks better the real one

ManMarmalade120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I'm enjoying the game so far. It was messy with the launch, but the first patch they gave fixed a lot of the UI issues and the framerates. I was still enjoying it with the more frequent bugs and even got some hilarious screenshots.

KyRo120d ago

This game with its technical problems and bugs is heaps better than any Witcher game gameplay wise.

TheKingKratos120d ago

Witcher have crap gameplay too but still better than this garbage

WillyC009120d ago

Just no, on every level. Witcher 3 was a vastly superior game then cyberpunk. I’ve been having some fun with cyberpunk though, when it works.

Duke19120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Good to see this game getting blasted with shitty/real reviews. Hopefully it will light a fire under CDPR to fix this mess, and deliver a game that actually lives up to their promises. Can’t believe this game was announced in 2012 and this is what they gave us

CrimsonWing69120d ago

The worst thing about all this is it will now be a stain on CDPR. What’s crazy is we should’ve known something was up when reviewers could only review the PC version and use stock footage from trailers and reveals.

That’s kind of unheard of.

ClayRules2012120d ago

Yeah, a stain on CDPR it is. It’s definitely unheard of and I couldn’t believe they took that approach with reviewers, shady, wrong and shows their intentions.

A real shame and so disappointing.

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