Perfect Dark - The Initiative Developer Interview

Learn more about The Initiative and their vision for Perfect Dark

CaptainHenry9161321d ago

Good trailer but I forgot about it after seeing Back for Blood

Sciurus_vulgaris1321d ago

Was Back for Blood the game with cringe in game dialogue ?

CaptainHenry9161321d ago

Basically they could have named it left 4 dead 3

oof67811320d ago

Lol it was pretty bad ngl

alb18991320d ago

Well I didn't. Little by little the proposal of MS is getting really great.

solideagle1320d ago

wait how did this get approved? I submitted a youtube video and it was reported that I cannot post a direct youtube video? should it be from developers only?

Automatic791321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Glad The Iniative bringing back Perfect Dark one of my favorite games ever.

RgR1320d ago

I'm glad too but we have to remember that this is a new studio.

Perfect dark was developed by rare in the glory days.

It is very likely that the tone and style as well as overall look and feel will be wildly different than what we loved from the original perfect dark.

Until they show actual gameplay we won't know if this ip i sin good hands or if it will be tarnished.

northpaws1321d ago

I loved perfect dark on N64. But I would much rather they try something new to be honest, I always feel like it would limit a studio's potential and creativity. Such as 343 to work on Halo, or playground to work on Fable, Activition on Crash, a new studio for MGS or Silent Hill ...etc are just not the same... just create a spiritual successor so the game doesn't get destroy by through the roof hype, and at the same time it give the studio so much more freedom to go crazy!!

Sayai jin1321d ago

They have 21 studios working on games and some of those studios are working on multiple games. The initiative is supposed to be their AAAA studio and large so they maybe working on more than one project.

Zhipp1320d ago

With them being such a new studio, I'd be very surprised if they're already a multi team studio, tbh. Not that that's even a problem, tbh. Let them prove themselves on a major title before splitting then up, I say.

northpaws1320d ago

@Sayai Jin

If the Initiative chose to do Perfect Dark, then I wish them well. Hopefully they are not being forced to work on old IPs.

Either, in my opinion, two things can happen.
1. They follow closely to the original, limiting their creativity.
2. They don't follow closely to the original, then might as well call it something else.

The point is, it is very hard to meet fans' expectation, it can make reviewers/gamers being extra critical on the game just because of the name "Perfect Dark" alone, it would suck if a brand new studio full of potentially get killed of right off the bat because of unrealistic expectations from everyone.

chiefJohn1171320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

It's a reboot, it wont play 1:1 to the original they could rename it and you'd think its a whole new ip. Same with Fable. So how is it limiting a studio if they decide to use the name for a genre they want to make to appeal more to fans? Replace Kratos with someone new and rename it, would you still think it was GoW? No you wouldn't. It could've been an entirely new ip if they wanted.

AuraAbjure1321d ago

Perfect dark was quite fun for N64. Best graphics I'd ever seen at the time and kewl gameplay.

jznrpg1321d ago

Not what I thought they were going to do. I thought it would be a new IP . Oh well it’s something

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isarai39d ago


Maybe you got your games confused but that was nothing like deus ex besides being a fps

Sonic188139d ago

It had more of mirror edge and Dying Light than dues ex

AsimLionheart38d ago

I don't get it. I watched the trailer and saw nothing mind-blowing. Why are articles trying to hype up a heavily scripted and edited supposed gameplay segment from a game stuck in development since founding of the Initiative studio in 2018? It wasn't even an actual live gameplay or a handson preview. Remember the early Crackdown 3 gameplay trailers and how the actual game looked and played?

Gameplay videos mean nothing without actual handson gameplay. This game has been in development hell for nearly 6 years with still no release date in sight. Games stuck in development hell almost never turn out to be good. People are only setting themselves up for disappointment by hyping this game up.

porkChop39d ago

Idk when I watched the gameplay to me it seemed like a mix of Deus Ex: HR and Mirror's Edge.

RaidenBlack38d ago

It had a sci-fi immersive sim feel (when not parkouring) ... which is Deus Ex's territory ... hence the comparison

MrBaskerville38d ago

Did seem like it had potential imsim elements. Probably less rpg stuff than deus ex I'd wager.