343 Industries Reiterates Halo Infinite Won’t Feature Loot Boxes

Don’t expect random microtransactions.

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CaptainHenry91683d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Don't worry Microsoft will force you. It's in their nature. Just a matter of time

spicelicka83d ago

There is no big publisher that wouldn't. Also the multiplayer is free to play so it's already expected to have cosmetic purchases.

chiefJohn11783d ago

What MS games have lootboxes?

SpeedDemon83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

The last Halo did, though MS have seemed to change their stance on them since.

RgR83d ago


They didn't change their stance. They'd likely continue if not for the bad rep that loot boxes have gotten because of EA

PertySlick83d ago

@SpeedDemon Yep, I was not a fan of those "card pack" loot boxes. I never really got into that multiplayer as a result. Which is a shame because I was big into all the previous games going back to Halo: CE LAN parties.

chiefJohn11783d ago (Edited 83d ago )

So 1 game? man thats a lot lol I guess it's in their nature after all/s (I almost forgot the/s lol thanks razzer)

@Perty the packs had little to no influence on MP. In fact it was exclusive to War zone and given away for free like candy So that excuse is BS. Req packs did nothing for 4v4, free for all, 8v8 doubles aka classic playlist

utopiancat82d ago

Better question what Microsoft game doesn't have in game RMT? (or won't in the future).

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Zhipp82d ago

Loot boxes have been taking too much heat lately. They're not good for business. M$ wouldn't put them in Halo in this current climate.

Also Fortnite and League of Legends are the most successful F2P games right now, and neither feature loot boxes.

utopiancat82d ago

Saying no loot boxes has become a meaningless marketting term. Sure no lootboxes, we'll just have loot bags and other randomized RMT items to keep people spending.

As long as the item isn't boxed shape t's not a "loot box" surprise mechanics!

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RgR83d ago

How about no mtx period.
Lootboxes is only a form of mtx. Mtx's are the problem.

Ausbo83d ago

In a free to play game, how does one make money.

RgR82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Didn't realize halo infinite was free to play.
Yes for free to play, obviously mtx are necessary but not at all for a paid game.

Zhipp82d ago

Mtx are fine when done properly. I'm a big fan of the season pass method myself.

Godmars29083d ago

You mean they wont be called that.

I mean, aren't they monetizing customization? That just suggest loot boxes without the randomization.

Zhipp82d ago

Loot boxes are, by definition, random. A loot box without the randomization is no longer a loot box.

Godmars29082d ago

In other words you have no issue, see no problem, with them further monetizing a subscription service? Buying DLC and all the rest, so long as its not random loot boxes, for games you wont actually own.

Knightofelemia83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

After the showing of the game and how it left a rough impression last thing you want to do is litter it with loot boxes that is a great way to make people bypass your game. I still think loot boxes should be banned from gaming I pay for your game then I have to pay an online subscription to play multiplayer if I am on console. Last thing I want is to pay for a loot box or see a game that is littered with loot boxes that probably have a fairly common skin for a character or a gun.

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