Open world games are actually much smaller than linear games

There is one aspect of game design that has been annoying me ever since it became the hip new popular thing to do: open-world games.

Everyone says that open-world games are huge! “Wow there’s so much to do!” everyone says. “I can’t believe I can travel anywhere!” they exclaim.

No! It’s all a trick! Open world games aren’t huge! In fact, many of them are smaller than most linear games!

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abeosaa786d ago

If you don't like open world games then don't play them.

Seems it never occurred to the OP that people enjoy the downtime in open world games where you can relax and enjoy the world. I find it more boring when there is non stop action around every corner, which he seems to want.

There are different game genre's for a reason - players like different things.

rlow1786d ago

Interesting view and I can understand it. alot of side missions in open world games are just the same, with the occasional difference. Though the Author should have included some ideas on how to improve on this. That said I enjoy both type of games.

PersonX786d ago

The problem with linear games is, they don't offer any freedom. God of war is a good example of a linear game done right.

UltraNova786d ago

GoW rarely felt linear (Semi-open?). Imho it was last gen's best paced game, by far.

Kerppamaister786d ago

Traveling and exploring are two very different things. Writer should know that. And many games have time limits on their quests other than Majora's Mask. Writer should know that, too.

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