Spyro 4 gets first official teaser in Crash Bandicoot 4 Art Book

Spyro 4 may have gotten its first official teaser in the official Crash Bandicoot 4 art book that gives a hint of the title.

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-Foxtrot664d ago

I hope they do what they did for Crash Bandicoot 4 and make all the games after the 3rd game non-canon

Wonder what subtitle they'll give it, "It's About Time" was perfect for Crash 4.

SDuck663d ago

Great minds think alike

Relientk77664d ago

Spyro 4: Return of the Dragon

Rachel_Alucard663d ago

They tend to just give the Spyro games just fantasy themed subtitles over clever puns. So something like Spyro 4: Wrath of the Rhynocs or whatever would be what they would do.

Relientk77664d ago

I need Spyro 4 in my life. I can't wait til the official reveal.

cammers1995663d ago

For the love of god please be true

phoenixwing663d ago

I still remember spyro 1 and collecting everything. Will buy but I'll have to wait for reviews to see if it's good enough.