Mistaking Big Boss for Solid Snake has Given Rise to the "No! That is not Solid Snake" Meme

"No! That is not Solid Snake" has become a meme after many news outlets mistook Big Boss for the character when reporting on Oscar Isaac being cast in the role.

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solidsnake222529d ago

But, aren’t most of the outlets using a picture of Punished Snake, not Big Boss?

JonDiskonected529d ago

yup hahaha, so even this article is getting it wrong

Vanfernal529d ago

That is an actual quote from MGS2, where the meme came from.

solidsnake222529d ago

@Vanfernal We realize that, but the title of this article states that people are “Mistaking Big Boss for Solid Snake,” but people are actually mistaking Punished Snake for Solid Snake.

529d ago
ANIALATOR136529d ago

Should have just used the meme to point at Oscar Isaac with. The guy is NOT Solid Snake. Looks nothing like him.

CrimsonWing69528d ago

Thank you!

He doesn't have the voice, either. It's going to come off as a bad cosplay with a person doing a try-hard voice impersonation. I know Snake isn't tall, but isn't Oscar kind of too short as well? Like, seeing him stand next to other characters might also look off...