9/11 Almost Caused The Cancellation Of Metal Gear Solid 2 And Kojima's Resignation

The tragic events of September 11th 2001 had wide-reaching effects on millions of people, but it was also felt to a far lesser extent in the world of entertainment.

It was already known that the ending of Metal Gear Solid 2, which takes place in New York, was changed following 9/11, but a recently-translated interview with Hideo Kojima reveals how close the game was to being cancelled in the wake of the terrorist attacks

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20 Best Games of 2001

It’s been 20+ years since the time that gave us Mulholland Drive and “Bootylicious”, meaning this look at the best games of 2001 is going to make some of you feel very old very quickly.

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mskaline70d ago

alot of great memories here : )


Metal Gear Solid 2 Gets Third-Person Camera Mod

In celebration of Metal Gear Solid 2's 21st anniversary, one fan mods the game to implement a set of third-person camera controls.

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Now is the Perfect Time For Remakes of the Metal Gear Solid Trilogy

Given the frequency of modern remake announcements, it is time for the Metal Gear Solid trilogy to be brought back for a whole new generation.

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chicken_in_the_corn352d ago

Trilogy remakes should not happen before Metal Gear 1 & 2 remakes. They need it more.

goldwyncq352d ago

Agreed. Some people don't even know those games exist.

LucasRuinedChildhood352d ago

Only if they're full 3D games and in line with the canon of MGS1 onwards (loads of stuff from MG1 and MG2 got retconned).

That would be a huge undertaking though and I wouldn't trust Konami to do that right. I think most of us just want to be able to play these games on modern machines (along with MGS4).

CrimsonWing69352d ago

We already got a Remake of MGS 1. I think if they do any kind of Remake it should go to 3. That one was the best in the series, in my opinion.

zachyBROosevelt352d ago

Is there a bad time for MGS remakes?

bradleejones352d ago

I would take remakes of any of them. Especially Solid 1,2,3,4. Peace Walker also.
The old ones would be good but not a deal breaker.

Tankbusta40352d ago

Metal Gear Solid has been in need of a remake for a long time. I would love remakes of them all, but Solid is the most in need for this generation

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