FIFA 21 - Compare PS5 vs. PS4 Pro Screenshots

EA Sports are providing a free upgrade of FIFA 21 to all who take the 9th gen. plunge. Surely, it's worth the download...

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AmandaWilson137d ago

Great research, thank you!

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Profchaos137d ago

The article doesn't state which side of the screens are next or last gen so I'll be honest I can't tell them apart

PrimeVinister137d ago

It says PS5 on the left, PS4 on the right throughout the article just under the first image.
But I think it could be clearer.

The difference is minimal though, that much is true.

KillaJamm137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Yeah I was really disappointed, got the free upgrade on the Series X and it's literally like all they have done is changed the font and the default camera angle I swear lol. Tbh I did notice Alison Beckers hair moved more.... so I guess this is what EA class as NEXT LVL.

Profchaos137d ago

Fair point viewing on a phone and struggled to see it.

Jin_Sakai137d ago

The sooner cross gen games disappear the better. They’re going to hold back next gen games.

generic-user-name137d ago

Find a video, the hair physics in the PS5 version is legit mind blowing (at least for some players).

generic-user-name136d ago


Everyone lost their shit over Tomb Raider hair physics on Nvidia PCs but we have to pretend technical advances are bad when fifa/EA achieve them, right?

CantThinkOfAUsername137d ago

This is weird. Some pictures look better while others look worse. The grass on PS5 looks flat like it's painted on the ground. Some character models look better and more detailed on PS4. It's just inconsistent. Nothing as drastic as NBA2K21.

PrimeVinister137d ago

It's also weird the grass colour is different, but only in the fictitious stadiums.

Gamist2dot0137d ago

Picture comparisons? Is this 2013?

Father__Merrin137d ago

It's not the type of game you can easily tell with screenshots the differences

PrimeVinister137d ago

True but you would still expect a noticeable visual upgrade since a superficial resemblance to the real sport is the second most important aspect of sports sims after making the gameplay fun.

SheenuTheLegend137d ago

at some parts the ps4 version looks better lol. ea really needs to wake up. they are ruining the franchise witch has a great potential with their half baked games.

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The story is too old to be commented.