Electronic Arts Announces Financial Results Above Expectations as FIFA 21 Passes 31 Million Players

Electronic Arts released its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2022, related to the period ended on June 30, 2021.

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peppeaccardo78d ago

Hey you .. yes you … keep on buying this $#!T so they can release it every year and shove it down your throats … Allright?
Well done my man!

Myst-Vearn78d ago

hey, at least EA is bringing back Skate, Dead Space, making Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age...
people will never stop buying FIFA and Madden, it's just how it is. Football fans are obsessed.

brewin78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I never understand the EA hate. Its not like they ONLY churn out these sports games. They take chances and green light a lot of games. They reinvest those profits and make some damn fine games to boot! Fucking haters are pitiful. Could you imagine what gaming would be without EA?! People always gotta hate on the companies that make the most $. Its done weird jealousy thing or something. Very strange.

peppeaccardo78d ago

They also started most (if not all) of the worst practices that today have become the norm (pay to win, surprise tactics, payed looting ... etc.) in the video games industry.

brewin78d ago

Holy hell them some numbers! Now please bring back EA Big with a new NBA Street and SSX! Ive always wanted an NHL Street too, that seemed like a no brainer! This bodes well for Dragon Age 4 and a new Mass Effect!

Aussieguy78d ago

So why would EA ever fix their game if so many keep spending money on fifa points? I constantly get button delay when playing ultimate team and laggy games online, because EA doesn't give Australia any servers, or if they do, they must be dial up ones.

And if its not the servers its the EA aids that kick in if your winning by to much, or sometimes they just won't let you win.

philm8778d ago

Games are P2P for the very reason they don't need servers on every corner of the planet. There's still a connection but this is just to record the result, so it won't cause lag. If you're getting lag it's because you or your opponent have connection issues.

"the EA aids that kick in...........", but surely this just means your opponent wins if you don't. Bit of a stretch to think it, but maybe they're better than you? There's no scripting in the game, I feel sorry for you if you believe the bull****.

Aussieguy76d ago

Dont you ever get those games where your 90+ speed players can't run fast for some reason or your Pele can't score anymore, your Pirlo can't pass the ball 10m to an open player, what do you call that? But then you get your opponent score a left footed goal outside the box with his CB Chilieni.

I know when the game isn't playing properly and can understand to miss shots occasionally (its normal) but if it happens the whole game and your opponent is hitting in bangers and rebound goals the whole game, you know its not right and sometimes it happens game after game.

I can honestly tell when others are better then me (and there are a lot, as im only a bit above average) but if your saying none of this happens in fifa, then I would love to watch you play a few games someday and I could show you my games.

Ninver77d ago

I feel like sometimes the algorithm is rigged. Teams you're smashing 3-0 all of a sudden turn into ronaldo's around the 60th minute till the end of match. Really starting to notice this.

philm8774d ago

You're in control of players. Players don't run as quick when they have the ball, plus loads of super quick defenders have been released, and with the chemistry boosts can easily be as quick as attackers.
When you shoot it takes into account a massive amount of different factors that decide how the shot turns out (body position, the amount the ball is already moving, defender proximity, all the player stats/traits etc.), not just the direction you push and the power you put on.
Players also change their tactics if they're behind. The majority of players play boring more defensive football, but then will go for it if they're losing. Player stamina has a massive effect also, which is why more things happen towards the end of matches (just like real life).

philm8778d ago

People who play Fifa a lot can see the changes each year, it's the onlookers who can't see too much difference in gameplay videos that spout how it's the same game every year. £50 a year for the game isn't much for the countless number of hours you can spend playing it.

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