What Game Should Bluepoint Games Remake Next?

With Demon’s Souls launching alongside the PlayStation 5 to massive critical acclaim, Bluepoint Games’ remake of From Software’s legendary PS3 action-RPG is the first truly next-gen title. While many expect the Austin-based developer should create an original work of their own, we believe that Bluepoint Games should continue to do what it does best. But what game should the talented team remake next?

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Scissorman8293d ago

I agree! But I thought about it for a while - would the team use the original voice work? Or re-record all the dialogue? I absolutely love David Hayter as Snake but its been over 20 years since the MGS was released. The cast would sound significantly older. On the other hand, could you imagine what they could do with the DualSense Controller? =D

Nyxus93d ago

Well if they'd rerecord it, they could also add performance capture to it, which wasn't around at the time MGS1 was recorded, or even TTS. Actually wrote down some thoughts on this here: https://www.metalgearinform...

Sonic-and-Crash93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

MGS 1 remake exclusive on PS5 will be definitely a console seller ... if it is done correctly would be a Megahit game.......

A PS5 remaster i like to see (even if its near to impossible) is Resident Evil 1 the original from PS1 ....yes i know has been remastered 1000000 times and there are 10000 versions of the game .....but a Demons Souls Remaster treating of the original game would literally blow my mind....I ve been left a bit unsatisfied with GC Remaster version which didnt really captured original s game feeling/atmosphere

savedsynner93d ago

Honestly, the voice work was so good, no really need to re-record unless they added content. On the other hand, as the series went on, the scripts became tighter but I could see them re-recording if necessary.

Honestly, it's the graphics and gameplay that need the overhaul, not the voice work.

bouzebbal93d ago

The Order 2 or Parasite Eve please

Bob Dole93d ago

David Hayter sounds exactly the same and should always be the voice of Solid Snake.

xTonyMontana92d ago

David Hayter could still rock the Solid Snake voice. He puts on an older voice anyway.

Rocketisleague92d ago

The gameplay is completely outdated these days.

Chocoburger92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

They can't use the original voice work at a higher bit rate for a specific reason. MGS was recorded inside a home, and they had to frequently stop recording as cars drove by and honked their horns.

If you were to listen to the original higher-quality recording of the PS1 files (which were compressed), you would actually hear cars driving by and other ambient sounds in the background. This is simply unacceptable as you could imagine, and so Twin Snakes had to have all voice work redone.

If only MGS was originally recording in a professional booth, this wouldn't have been a problem.

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RaidenBlack93d ago

From the list: Legacy of Kain
Personal: MGS3: Snake Eater. Followed by Portable Ops + Peace Walker. And then MGS2 -> MGS2 -> MGS4.

RaidenBlack93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

* MGS -> MGS2

savedsynner93d ago

Not sure Snake Eater really needs it. The PS2, while primitive by today's standards, still was able to present the game very well visually, and actually holds up kinda well today.

MGS1 on the other hand looks really bad since it was the first 3d generation.

RaidenBlack93d ago

Then the same can be said for Demon's Souls.

neutralgamer199292d ago


yes but they need to update those controls and other quality of life features. MGS 1,2 and 3 are should be under bluepoint and let them remake all 3. Not just straight up remakes but adjust story/characters basically fill in the blanks and give characters like zero more screen time

Scissorman8292d ago

LOL i love how you picked a non-Metal Gear game from the list (even though the list had MGS) and your personal are ALL Metal Gear games. =P Though I will say, a remake of Portable Ops is intriguing. I would really love a remake of the original MSX Metal Gear. That is what we all need.

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Z50193d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Original isometric view (w/laser sight auto targeting)
The Twins Snakes broken fps camera view
*I ask because I kinda want a MGS remake. But not a mechanically broken game like TS. The 'matrix' scenes I'm ok with.

Nyxus93d ago

Remade with 3D camera, and adapt whatever needs adapting.

savedsynner93d ago

Honestly, if they go with the top down gameplay...what's the point. You already had Twin Snakes for improved graphics. I say make it from the ground up with the Fox Engine or whatever engine allows for good stealth.

93d ago
Gatsu92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

How do you think the camera angle would be like? Would it be 100% the same or 3rd person the whole way as it's popular these days. I can already imagine people complaining if they change even that too much.

Z50192d ago

I need that laser sight auto-targeting.

OB1Biker92d ago

That is what the rumour says.

Imalwaysright92d ago (Edited 92d ago )


And why would it be a PS5 exclusive when Konami owns the rights? In fact, I question if Konami would be willing to fund a remake considering where they currently stand in regards to the videogame industry.

DuckOnQuack3592d ago

Also when pretty much all the mgs games were on xbox

Chocoburger92d ago

Because Sony would pay for it, just like they helped fund CAPCOM to develop Street Fighter V.
You just answered your own question, Konami wouldn't pay to develop a high-quality game these days, so its up to someone else to foot the bill.

Imalwaysright92d ago


Ah so Sony would pay for it because you say so? Well I guess that settles everything.

Mister_G92d ago

Psycho Mantis controller swap? Not sure how that would work now-a-days :)

neutralgamer199292d ago

rumor has it kojima id doing silent hills and will be announced/revealed at VGA. And bluepoint are deep in development on completely remaking MGS

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isarai93d ago

Ape Escape trilogy, or Robot Alchemic Drive

Scissorman8293d ago

ape escape! hell yes! 100% to this. but wait...hear me out: gex trilogy.

ApocalypseShadow93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

+1 for mentioning RAD.

Still have the game.

sinspirit93d ago

I didn't expect RAD to be brought up lol. Man was it fun to play. Love seeing games with grand scale from a human perspective

B68W92d ago

Would love to see a RAD remake. Would work fairly well on a VR platform I would think. Surprised anyone else remembers that game.

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Majin-vegeta93d ago

Legend of Dragoon...fight me!

QSPR92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I see no one mention a new or remake Parasite Eve, what a game!!! I know is not SONY studios, but come-on Square make it happen.

metabolicfrolic92d ago

A next-gen remake of Dragoon would make me lose my mind. I love Metal Gear Solid, too, but I would rather see Dragoon remade.

AlexandreR92d ago

They sould do bloodborne 2!!

myfathersbastard92d ago

Litteraly just scrolling down waiting for someone to say Legend of dragoon haha 100 back this up.

Scissorman8292d ago

I'm loving all this Legend of Dragoon support! Come on, Sony! DO IT, YOU COWARDS!

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-Foxtrot93d ago

Metal Gear Solid
Ape Escape
Legend of Dragoon
Dark Cloud
The Getaway
Jak & Daxter

Scissorman8293d ago

The Getaway - now there's a game that brings back memories.

Batchild2793d ago

I'd settle for a 4K60FPS remaster of the Resistance trilogy at this point.

badz14993d ago

Insomniac is in-house now. Actually there is nothing stopping them (or Sony) to release at least a collection of all 3 PS3 games. I waited for them for the whole of last gen for a big fat of nothing...let's hope they don't abandon the IP and let us have a UHD collection on the PS5. No need for remake or whatevs, a 4K remasters will do.

Scissorman8292d ago

That's because you're a smart man.

thecodingart92d ago

Resistance! Like seriously!

DuckOnQuack3592d ago

Wow the getaway was an awesome game. Miss that one

Teflon0292d ago

Good list and while Dark Cloud 2 is my all time fav game and I love DC1 as well. That's the only game on your list I 1000% know ain't happening. Imagine them upgrading the world building. I'd love in 2 if they fixed Balance Valley, Found it dumb that there was no way to get on the pillars without going into creation and coming out. Need to add something like bridges that connect accurately based on Balance. Or even if they only show when it's balanced if the work to make it always adjust was the issue

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Scissorman8293d ago

sigh. this game isn't mentioned nearly as much as it should be. one of last great titles on the ps1.

Z50193d ago

Ashley's combat system was so cool. I still have the strat guide.

Gardenia92d ago

Vagrant Story or Soul Reaver assuming they are working on MGS right now.