An Update from Naughty Dog Studio President Evan Wells

Naughty Dog President Evan Wells shares an exciting update about the studio.

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RazzerRedux234d ago

"Neil Druckmann now joins me as Co-President of Naughty Dog, after serving almost three years as Vice President."

Co-President? Segmentation of duties, perhaps?

Abriael234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

ND always had two co-presidents for the longest time. They temporarily had only one after Christophe Balestra left in 2017.

RazzerRedux234d ago

Ah....didn't know that. Thanks.

Sonic-and-Crash233d ago

the worst scenario possible.....Neil Druckman directing whole ND ....

UltraNova233d ago


Hopefully he'll be less involved in writing going forward.

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gamer7804233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Yikes, unless maybe he won’t be directing how a games’ stories are written now. The man is bonkers.

RazzerRedux233d ago

Regardless of his politics, he makes great games. So thankfully, he will continue to write and direct:

gamer7804233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

@Razzer. He has terrible ideas both politically and story wise. So this is continued bad news. He said himself he considers Anita Sarkeesian his muse... O.o

RazzerRedux233d ago

Bad news to you since you allow the politics he inserts into the game bother you. Great news to me because I don't care about his or any other person's politics or who their muse is. It is just noise I tune out. And after I do that, what is left is some of the best gaming to be found in the industry, bar none.

Opinions. We will never agree. Not going to try.

gamer7804233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

@razzer. I don’t like his politics or how he writes games. Not that he sometimes puts politics in his games. A lot of movie directors I disagree with their personal politics but I still enjoy their movies sometimes. I just believe he has terrible ideas from what I’ve seen.

Totally fine if we disagree on this, a lot of people do on this topic particularly so it’s not shocking.

Redemption-64233d ago

Not only will he be writing and directing, he is more than likely going to have a lot more say in most, if not all projects coming out of the studio, so if this news makes you unhappy, my suggestion is to move on. Both Sony and ND value him more than the so called fan writers.

johndoe11211233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Every time I hear someone say they don't care about politics in gaming I lmao because that statement is a load of horse$**t. You mean you don't care about THAT political issue. Everyone has a political threshold they won't cross. it's only a matter of time when one day someone inputs a political view into a game that you find so abhorrent that you'll refuse to give that company your money. Don't fool yourself, I have seen sociopaths that draw the line at certain issues. People saying that they don't care about politics in gaming are delusional.

RazzerRedux233d ago


I was speaking specifically about TLOU 2, Neil Druckmann's personal politics, and this reference to this "Anita Sarkeesian" person. That wasn't meant to suggest I could never ever be offended to the point that I wouldn't buy a game.

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RgR234d ago

Hopefully this won't harm the development of new ip...since neil has only helmed one game on his own...which also happened to be the most divisive naughty dog game.

He has everything to prove with their next game

-Foxtrot234d ago

Maybe he’ll be too busy to direct a new game

RazzerRedux234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

One bad game (in your eyes) and he is done? hell with what he did with Uncharted. To hell with the first TLOU. He pissed you off with one game so much that you hope he never directs another game?

You are shallow.

Redemption-64234d ago

This man made a game that has triggered you and others so much you don't want him working on games anymore. He is more than likely going to have a say in almost every game coming out if the studio, so it's better if you move on, Neil isn't going anywhere.

-Foxtrot234d ago


Triggered? Nah

But honestly, seeing how he interacts on Twitter and how he handled his studio, people going to hospital, the worst crunch this year in a gaming environment and causing people to leave, obviously Amy Hennig was one and then Bruce, the latter being his anchor for the first game which stopped him making stupid decisions...yeah I don’t care if he stopped writing the games

I’d rather see some new talent to be honest, give someone new a chance. A better writer.

RazzerRedux234d ago

"people going to hospital"

That was bullshit. The person who actually went to the hospital called it bullshit. The dude who tweeted it had to delete his tweets because it was bullshit.

Be informed or shut the f*ck up.

Redemption-64234d ago


Whatever makes you sleep at night, and trust me, Sony or any other company will hire him as a writer over you or almost anyone calling him a bad writer. Maybe the day you actually write something that can reach his level of success then you can talk. Also anyone who has been on this site since the start of the year knows how much this game has triggered you. You were bashing this game before it came out. You know when people were claiming both Joel and Ellie get killed.

And as I keep saying, Neil isn't going anywhere, so if you don't like his work, I suggest you move on, Sony wants him there.

-Foxtrot234d ago



Someone is getting angry

And yet the “triggered” word is being thrown at me, you couldn’t make this up if you tried.

Funny isn’t it, people can like the game, say the same shit over praising it, I don’t care...I let them be, opinions but people like you, get your panties in such a bunch because you just can’t stand anyone disagreeing with you

Oh it’s bullshit huh? Well I think what you have said is bullshit. See how that works.

RazzerRedux233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

"Someone is getting angry"

No. Someone is informed and not spreading bullshit. That is not you. You mistake anger with being informed and calling it like it is. If that stresses you then frankly, I don't give a shit.

"Oh it’s bullshit huh?"

Yeah it is. But you go ahead though. Show us all the deleted tweets from the guy who made up bullshit stories about a girl who went to the hospital cuz of crunch. Hell...I'll even tell you his name: Jonathan Cooper. Find the tweets. Post the actual tweets where he said that. Good luck since he apologized and deleted them.

This is what I call "being informed".

"Funny isn’t it, people can like the game, say the same shit over praising it, I don’t care...I let them be, opinions but people like you, get your panties in such a bunch because you just can’t stand anyone disagreeing with you"

Oh stop. Delude yourself in thinking "I don't care". You can't get into a Naughty Dog or TLOU 2 article quick enough. You've proven it time and time again. And I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. I have a problem with lies.

Edit: That's what I thought.

potatoseal233d ago

I've never seen someone as triggered as you've been over this game. Don't try to deny it, it makes you look like a liar.

233d ago
SyntheticForm233d ago

Do you ever tire of whining?

TGGJustin233d ago

He said today that he'll still be directing and writing so keep crying. Neil does fantastic work


To be fair, TLOU was an amazing game. TLOU2 was absolute horseshit. This will be the downfall of Naughty Dog, and I really don't care about debating about it. You're not changing my mind.

outsider1624233d ago

"obviously Amy Hennig was one and then Bruce, the latter being his anchor for the first game which stopped him making stupid decisions...yeah I don’t care if he stopped writing the games"

Wait what!? I thought Amy Hennig claim rubbish that claim.

Bruce left because of the stress and pressure he had during Uncharted 4s development.

I guys and your conspiracy theories.

CaptainObvious878233d ago

It's interesting how triggered people get when you say the neil is a bad writer and tluo2 was a badly written game, yet they throw around the word 'triggered' like it's going out of fashion.

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Pedantic91234d ago

"He has everything to prove with their next game"

Judging from the praise tlou2 has recieved by journalists and gamers alike, he won't have to prove anything.
According to the numbers, he's made Sony millions.

bloop233d ago

To be fair, TLOU 2 was going to shift millions either way on the back of the first game, regardless of how the story was going to turn out. I find this kind of bizarre though. I'm not going to get into my personal opinion of the game, but is it really a good thing that the game was so divisive that it was deserving of Druckmann being promoted? I really don't understand these things. Take the Last Jedi for instance. I personally think Disney would be crazy to let Rian Johnson make any more SW films. As an owner of a huge i.p. I'd want my product to please as many people as possible, not completely divide a fan base 🤷🏼‍♂️ If I was the head of ND I certainly wouldn't be promoting him 😂

Atticus_finch234d ago

He already proved himself and just got a promotion and a pay bump for it.

RauLeCreuset233d ago

Right? LMAO. The internet. I tell you.

neutralgamer1992234d ago (Edited 234d ago )


Also one of the games that generated more money than most other playstation exclusives in history. I think companies care more about money than what few may think of game story(trust me I am one of the few who hates the fact the direction they took in TLOU2) but money is important for ND because it means bigger bonuses and for sony it means more profits

QSPR233d ago

If money is the thing, let's see how that works in the end, because I'm not planning to buy any more ND games.

TGGJustin233d ago

@QSPR I'm sure you never bought them in the first place. That's usually the case for people that react like this.

RauLeCreuset233d ago

It seems the more logical take is what he already proved the last time he helmed a game contributed to his promotion.

Rude-ro233d ago

“Most divisive naughty dog game”...
Maybe to those close minded media gossipy types... but a game is a game,
If any of these low lifes would actually play out their arguments... they would quickly realize how stupid they are.
And there is no other way to put it.
As soon as you add a story, there is a narrative. Those that try to dictate the narrative, with no counter balance, you have a dictatorship.
Life is the story... if it does not match your close minded shoot guns and be a man.. you are an idiot. Buy the game or do not... but you can not cry about “forcing narratives” unless it matches my own. You are beyond filth if you truly believe/think that and do not see the irony of how you want it to be.

Life is life. If you hate options.. go to a country that favors no options.

KingTrash233d ago

He made the best game of all time in my opinion. I don’t think he has anything to prove.

Redemption-64233d ago

You might want to check the credits for the first game. Neil helmed that game as well, not only was he the main writer, he was also one of the directors. He was also listed as one of the writers for Uncharted 4

Imalwaysright233d ago

There is an interview with both Straley and Druckmann in wich they clearly state that they balanced each other out. The result of their colaboration was a game that I will never understand why but is somehow downplayed by some people around here when compared to its sequel and wasn't even close to being as divisive as that very same sequel. Ironically, in another interview Straley said that killing a main character is cheap... and although I can't find the link for the interview I mentioned above, I can for this one

"Straley: I also feel like a death of a main character in video games or any kind of media right now is, for me personally, almost cheap.

Redemption-64233d ago

There are many movies and video games where the main character(s) or very important characters are killed. Just because Staley thinks it's cheap doesn't make it so. It's his opinion, nothing more. There are beloved movies and games that have done this, guess they are all cheap right? I will trust Sony and ND's decision to give him a promotion and lead more projects over so called internet writers that have never written a book in their lives. Neil is the primary writer for both part 1 and 2, so I am sure they knew where the story was going to

Never cared for Neil, but I like his work, cannot wait to see what the studio has coming

Imalwaysright232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Didn't say it made it so. I said that the person that co-directed The Last of Us and balanced out Neil Druckmann believed it to be and if he was involved with TloU 2 there is the possibility that the game could have gone in a different direction and wouldn't be as divisive as TloU 2 is, something that even Druckmann acknowledges. You may like the direction where Druckmann took the game but to those that didn't, me included, he does have to prove that he can create a masterpiece on his own because I find TloU 2 story to be nonsensical horseshit oh and no, I'm not a writer and he could be Sony's CEO for all I care because to me Druckmann does have to prove himself.

Redemption-64232d ago

Here is the thing, Neil does not have to prove anything to you or to the other people that got triggered by this game. He has no reason to listen to you people either. Sony and ND are the only ones he has to prove himself to, you might think he hasn't, but the people that actually make the important decisions know he has, or they would not be given him such a role, which would more than likely give him far more say on most if not all projects coming out of the studio, and as he said, he us going to keep writing and directing.

And as I said, just because Staley thinks it's cheap does not make it so. It's his opinion.

Imalwaysright230d ago (Edited 230d ago )


You don't get to tell me if he has to prove himself to me. He has yet to prove that he can create a great game on his own and I am the one that decides that, not you or anyone else because I'm not talking about you, Sony or any other gamer in the world so my advice to you is: don't get triggered just because I found TloU 2 story to be a complete shitshow and remember, you don't speak for me. He does have to prove himself to me whether you like it or not.

"And as I said, just because Staley thinks it's cheap does not make it so. It's his opinion."

I'm just gonna copy paste what I wrote above: "Didn't say it made it so. I said that the person that co-directed The Last of Us and balanced out Neil Druckmann believed it to be...."

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SmokinAces233d ago

Not his fault it was "divisive".

GamerRN233d ago

Honest question... What is so bad about TLOU2 that has everyone triggered? I haven't played part one yet as I just finished Uncharted 4 (loved the series every step of the way) and still have to finish God of War before I start part one and Days Gone

SullysCigar233d ago

Couple of things. Most notably strong women, lesbians and a certain plot point that I couldn't tell you without ruining the point of it. Avoid spoilers ahead of playing this, because it ruined it for many. There were leaks and debates which whipped up some people into a stupor causing them to skip the game entirely, which is honestly their loss.

I'm really not a fan of the whole far-left, snowflake, SJW, virtue signaling movement, which is what a lot of people assumed of this game due to the leaks. I went in with an open mind and honestly didn't get that kind of sub-text from it at all.

It's bold in it's story telling, highly impactful and avoids fan service in favour of a hard-hitting 'that's just the way it is - that's life' approach.

It's also gorgeous, sounds great and plays sublimely. Can't wait for the Factions multiplayer!

SmokinAces232d ago

Lesbians and girls with muscular physiques apparently bother certain people, lol.

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PersonX234d ago

Might as well hire Anita Sarkeesian, Neils bff

Atticus_finch234d ago

They should hire Alex Jones to make you happy.

Silly gameAr233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Maybe Donald Trump could be the next president of Naughty Dog after his stint as the Person of the United States is done. I'm sure a lot of people will accept that.

Redemption-64234d ago

So a few months ago, when all the so called fans said TLOU part 2 was going to fail, claiming Neil is destroying the studio and Sony should fire him. I told them this, Neil isn't going anywhere, when the game breaks records and sells, Neil is more than likely going to be given a huge bonus or a promotion, guess I was right. So much for them wanting him gone. Congrats to all those who got a promotion.

TGGJustin233d ago

That's because it's nothing but a tiny vocal crowd saying those things. Silent majority always wins. TLOU2 is fantastic and no amount of crying will change that from those pos people.

zackeroniii233d ago

yall must really have some weird crush on the long faced sloth neil cuckmann huh? where does this loyalty and worship come from? please share? do u guys pray to him first thing in the morning as well?

Tacoboto233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

TLOU2 was fun, all the game's he's been involved in have been fun - quality performance and he's done everything someone can do to deserve a promotion. What's with your weird obsessed demonization of him?

Redemption-64233d ago

Says the guy that got his feels hurt by a man that wrote a made up story in a video game. This man literally lives rent free in your minds, actually quite depressing to think all it takes to get you people triggered is a made up unreal story in a video game

BattleCat234d ago

Na lets wait till next game. I dont liked everything in tlou2, but you cant find more intensive fights than here. You can feel it!
Im not a fan of abby, or some sexy :D scenes in the game.