Dragon Quest XI S Launch Sees Original Game Pulled from Sale

The new release of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age has coincided with the removal of the original game, sticking PC and PlayStation 4 players with downgraded Nintendo Switch graphics and few options to get the original.

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Nyxus44d ago

I'm assuming they will also stop printing the physical version. Glad I already have it.

Majin-vegeta44d ago

Guess the OG PRINT is gonna go up in price.

Zodiac44d ago

I still have a wrapper PS4 copy that I forgot I had lol. Gonna keep it wrapped and get the new version as well

Lionsguard43d ago

This should have been a free upgrade for anyone who owns the original. I'm so sick of companies thinking they can get away with things like this.

Michiel198942d ago

so adding in a full 2d mode to play the game in, tackertown or whatever its called, fast battle speed, mount from anywhere, forge from anywhere, symphonic soundtrack instead of the shit they put in first, 12 new superbosses + one ultimate boss if im not mistaken, all party members showing up in open world, new stories for the main cast, new costumes, being able to use costumes without equiping the gear its associated to is just a downgrade? These arent all the additions btw, there is also some other minor quality of life additions.

Yes the graphics looks worse, but its not as simple as "its a downgrade really". If you only care about graphics then sure, its a downgrade. If you care about gameplay and content, not so much.

There is also a reason why they used upped switch graphics and not the ps4 ones. When DQ11 was in development UE4 wasnt working properly for switch, so when they made it for the switch they used a different version of UE4 than the ps4 version. All these additional features are just not coded into the 1st ps4 version and would be a way bigger task than just copying the switch additional features into the ps4 since they use different UE4 engine versions.

I would have loved if they put the better graphics into this version as well, but unfortunately that isnt the case. But just calling it a downgrade is kind of ignorant, since you are ignoring everything besides the graphics.

SaiyanFury43d ago

Yeah this is flat out greed. People accuse Bethesda of greed, and rightly so, but at least when Bethesda released Skyrim Special Edition on PC, they gave owners of the original Legendary Edition a free upgrade. S-E is NOT Squaresoft, and never will be again. DQXI is a good enough game, but not good enough to justify a second purchase.

AriesBear43d ago

It's a downgrade to be honest graphically.

jjb198143d ago

The game in its original format has a gorgeous art style. The "definitive" is a switch port. The music is quirky but they're not taking that away. They're giving you a Switch port over original content that was created in higher fidelity.

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TheColbertinator43d ago

Too bad we never the version I wanted most : Dragon Quest XI on the 3DS

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The story is too old to be commented.