sushipoop5709d ago

Holy sh*t! I wonder where it takes place this time. REAL-TIME by the way. Naughty Dog only does real-time cut-scenes.

Fishy Fingers5709d ago (Edited 5709d ago )

No doubt, in game, the amimations maybe custom or tweeked for the trailer, but yeah real time.

thor5709d ago

Uncharted 2 is going to be so amazing. I hope to see some expanded platforming and puzzle sections together with the same awesome gunplay, maybe some more melee moves, and sharper graphics/animations than last time. It's a shame the teaser is so short :( But it is only a teaser I suppose.

I didn't expect snow :O

kharma455709d ago

I didn't expect snow either, quite a stark contrast to the jungle of the last game, but this has the scope to be as epic and as fun as the last game :)

Bring it on Naughty Dog! :D

5709d ago
Cyrus3655709d ago

I hope there is 2 player co-op play, whether it's playing as Ellen or the other cat right within in the single player mode.

As well, playing the game on insane level, i wish the computer wasn't so cheap, I passed it, but was cursing all the way through.

I'd also like some more puzzle solving elements and a bit more complicated than the easy stuff in uncharted.

vickers5005709d ago


Dude... what the hell are you doing here?

ontopic: I hope Uncharted 2 has a multiplayer mode this time around. I would gladly sit through a delay if they could.

thor5709d ago

Why bash the PS3 here? I couldn't care less if they cut the price or not, because I HAVE A PS3. So I don't need to buy one. Most people don't really care about sales. All I care about is the great games that are consistently being pumped out by Sony's 1st party studios. Uncharted 1 was awesome. Uncharted 2's going to be more awesome if it pans out.

"The PS3 is just irrelevant" - not to millions of people worldwide. Quit trolling.

ICUP5709d ago (Edited 5709d ago )

Report LightningPS3 as spam

i advise everyone to do the same

it getting annoying.

On topic: Can't wait for the game.

mustash20035709d ago

Do you wake up each morning wanting to fail? Get the hell out of here, you spread nothing but hate

Daver5709d ago

OMG! its gonna be so awesome! I wished there would be snow! ooh yea!

Kyur4ThePain5709d ago

Only one more bubble to go.
Here, I'll help a little.

kharma455709d ago

I'll help Lightning too :P

yesah5709d ago

i couldnt give a damn about multiplayer for this game, it would draw focus away from the story. There are enough second rate online shooters, we need more games like uncharted. Masterpieces

BattleAxe5709d ago

Looks very very interesting, can't wait.

INehalemEXI5709d ago (Edited 5709d ago )

OMG was not expecting to see such good news today !

First thing I notice is the awesome snow texture maps drake has. The first uncharteds wet maps where impressive. Now its snow !

Milky Joe5709d ago

HOLY MOTHERF... I want Uncharted 2...

I'm going to watch that again.

Danja5709d ago

WOW now im really excited about this game it looks amazing...

I hope they include 2-player co-op this time around...

Dark General5709d ago

I agree with yesa. No multiplayer bs. This is single player game through and through. If anything like Danja said some offline coop would be nice so my girlfriend could play as Elana.

arika5709d ago (Edited 5709d ago )

OH MY GOD! bring it on naughty dogs! can't wait for this game! it got me soo hype that i'm going to go through the first one again. awesome news!

Jamegohanssj55709d ago

Game will be awesome just as the first. Keep on rolling out with the exclusives.


jwatt5709d ago

Yes I wasn't sure if Uncharted 2 was going to come out in 09 but now it's looking very promising. I guess Jak is going to have to wait untill 2010.