Biggest Xbox Exclusive Games Of 2021 & Beyond

While the launch line-up might have been a bit weak, the line-up of Xbox exclusive games in 2021 and beyond looks stacked.

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RaidenBlack1291d ago

Basically the games announced in the July showcase.

1290d ago
alb18991290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

And is that bad?
Looks a very good year if all this games comes to gamepass next year.

alb18991290d ago

It will be a really good year, I'm more than excited to try all this games on gamepass. Just to think that I won't have to spend so much money on this games it is incredible. With all this, plus one or two third party multiplatform I'll be more than busy and extremely happy.

lifeisgamesok1290d ago

It saddens me when gamers don't care about owning their games anymore

Pickledpepper1290d ago

I prefer physical than digital, but this gives me the chance to try the games and if I like them I'll buy the disc version to add to my collection.

DJStotty1288d ago


So does PSNOW also rub you up the wrong way?

NeoGamer2321290d ago

Yes, but the article is inaccurate about exclusives. Even by saying Xbox exclusive because some of the games are known to be coming to Steam.

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Knightofelemia1291d ago

All ready seen these titles announced before

porkChop1290d ago

Where does it say these are new announcements?

potatoseal1290d ago

* multiplats

multiplat (plural multiplats) (slang, video games) A game released for more than one platform.

alb18991290d ago

Console exclusives, on gamepass.
Pretty nice line up, I'll be very busy and my wallet will be very full too.

1290d ago
alb18991290d ago

How do you know the Medium, Hellblade 2, Fable, Forza, Ever will, etc....will be mediocre?

Dragonscale1289d ago

Console exclusive is still not exclusive regardless.

DJStotty1288d ago


"How do you know the Medium, Hellblade 2, Fable, Forza, Ever will, etc....will be mediocre?"

They will be because they are not on Playstation.

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alb18991290d ago

You could say that to Ragnarok hahaha!! Greatness awaits hahahaha!
Why is so difficult to appreciate things without try to make it look ugly? The N4G vibe!!!

Ausbo1290d ago

Ragnarok is 2021 though

alb18991290d ago

Ausbo....until now. Wait to see how Sony move Regnarok to 2022.

SenorJepeto1290d ago

I'm also very intrigued by the campaign of Crossfire X