Days Gone Lead Devs Have Left Sony Bend Studio

Days Gone was created by Sony Bend Studio and headed by two senior developers, Jeff Ross and John Garvin, who have left the studio.

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Forbidden_Darkness54d ago

Even though it sold incredibly well, seeing this is always worrisome. I was so excited for Days Gone before it was released and while it took a little bit before I really got into the game at first, it became one of my favorites games of all time, so my hope is still high for a sequel, especially after 'that' ending.

StormSnooper54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I agree. It was a gem of a game, I really hope they do a great job with the sequel. Luckily I do have trust in Sony 1st party or deliver again.

UltraNova54d ago

Devs leaving studios is by no means newsworthy but when masterminds like these two leave it's worth noting that the rest of the team will need to pick up the slack and deliver on the next game. From what I've experienced with Days Gone I'd say they have a bright future ahead of them, under competent direction of course.

bouzebbal54d ago

My game of the generation. Bought it at bargain price with zero expectation

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bovandy53d ago

Feels like these dudes announcing within 5 minutes of each other, especially when one dude has been gone for a year, is a sign that a sequel isn't coming.

Putnum53d ago

Devs leaving studios is by no means newsworthy except for this one time right now when my opinion matters more.

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CaptainHenry91654d ago (Edited 54d ago )

It also means it won't be a future Syphon Filter since John Garvin was the writer and senior developer for all the games

throne54d ago

someone else could do siphon filter, even though he started it, they are enough of them there that worked along side him and can deliver just like days gone 2. since Galvin left since last year I'm sure they found capable replacements to carry it on

porkChop54d ago

Hopefully he goes on to make a spiritual successor since Sony doesn't seem to care about the SF IP.

Class_Viceroy54d ago

Yeah well the original quartet consistently got worse each game, and the series converted to a Handheld system franchise with bad ports. So maybe best for a change of the guard anyway.

I just don’t know if “espionage” types of games are in market anymore. If they were I think we’d see Ubisoft pump out Splinter Cell every other year like Assassins Creed games. Even that series has evolved to more of an RPG like. You have to really nail them (Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex, Dishonored) just to think of a few. And if you don’t, the sales could really hurt you.

Lore54d ago

While the story was great in my opinion (subjective), and the overall game was good, marketing is what saved this title and allowed it to sell so well. There are so many fundamental flaws with the game that I’m very surprised it took Sony nearly 2 years after the game’s release (well into pre-production of the studio’s next title(s)) before they finally realized those two do not have the natural talent for AAA game development. Days Gone should not have taken nearly 6 years given the type of game it shipped as

S2Killinit54d ago

Not sure what you are on about. The game was amazing. Especially gameplay wise.

UltraNova54d ago

The game was great, one of the best last gen games in fact.

Lore54d ago

The progression system was completely amateur. You would see upgrades for your bike but would literally be locked out of progressing majority of the upgrades until you reached certain story missions that provided enough credits. Huge jumps in credits that made hunting freaker ears obsolete as they became worthless at the value they’re worth. Essentially leading the ears to only be vital for the first 1/3 of the game. That is poor game progression design and part of why they were fired.

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S2Killinit53d ago

I feel like the ones criticizing never actually played it and are just using boilerplate criticisms from the reviewers to diss the game. Days Gone was one of the best of the generation gameplay wise. They actually made traveling fun in a open world game. Good story, fun gameplay. The sales showed that word of mouth pulled the game through. Looking forward to sequel.

Lore53d ago

Lol I platinumed the game within the first week, so unless you’re just speaking in general about the average consumers that are deciding to complain (not directing your comment towards me) then sure, what you’re saying is possible.

I only speak for myself and my sole opinion. But yes in regards to a sequel, under the right guidance, experience, and leadership I am genuinely looking forward to what they think of next as well. Also hoping hordes can be effectively tackled earlier in the campaign as well

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SmokinAces54d ago

Don't be too worried these guys aren't the only two Senior Developers in the world., people move on and others step up.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Developers come and go. Developers who worked on The Last of Us left Naughty Dog, but TLOU2 was still a massive blockbuster hit. This doesn't mean anything.

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Darkborn53d ago

Me too. I played a little bit and then stopped. I came back earlier this year and finished it and it was completely amazing. I really wish I played it when it came out.

53d ago
thorstein53d ago

I will really want to know where they end up.

Petebloodyonion53d ago

Don't worry there's gonna be a sequel and since ppl loved it, contrary to the media, expect suddenly the sequel becoming now a 9/10 in the future despite changing little to the formula.

NeoGamer23253d ago

No it isn't worrisome.

Studios have turnover that is how it is. A studio has to be a team. One or two people even if they are key people do not kill the team.

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badboyz0954d ago

Days Gone was one of my Favs this Gen! Story was slightly weak but the gameplay 10/10

bouzebbal54d ago

Come on, story was at least very intriguing.. Because you have hope at some point and hope just fades away all of a sudden. You never know if you're close. Plus the other characters are so well played, like Skizzo, Boozer...

LoveSpuds53d ago

I think it's testament to the story telling that I actually got so invested in the characters because, before release, I was really cool on the characters. I felt that they seemed quite unlikeable and maybe a little one dimensional but, within a few hours of playing the game it became apparent to me that I had nothing to worry about. Deacon and Boozer were really great characters, badass but still likeable and by the 10 hour mark I was thoroughly invested.

Really under appreciated by the critics, thankfully the people who count, the game buying public, loved it.

Darthpaul8454d ago

They are both going to the initiative.

throne54d ago

yeah, one wants to take a break and the other moving to Chicago, definitely the initiative

Darthpaul8453d ago

they might as well. Seems like half of Sony Santa Monica and naughty dog work there now. I’m a fan of days gone though I hope we see another one.

SmokinAces54d ago

One of them left right after Days Gone shipped pretty sure if that was the plan he would have already been there, swing and a miss.

FinalSpero54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Hahaha you made a harmless joke about how Sony devs keep getting hired on by an XBOX studio and N4G users hated you for it. Hahahaha so funny because even jokes about Microsoft get downvoted. Hahaha N4G is a perfect unbiased gaming community. Hahaha

RgR53d ago

I used to think it was bias. But no longer think so. It's more like experience. So many whi have experienced MS letdowns so many times can see through the bullshit now.

Darthpaul8453d ago

Yeah it was a joke and I understand sarcasm is lost on the internet but these people take the Sony thing way to seriously. I had a guy pm not long ago telling me he had 8 accounts and he signed in on each and every one of them just to down vote anything I say. Then u used the term xtard. Lol go figure

Atticus_finch54d ago

I enjoyed days gone, it had many good moments. The shooting mechanics were really good. Getting rid of the hordes and camps never got old. But I hated the story, it was pretty bad and tediously long. And many game mechanics seemed unfinished, like the dynamic world enemy attacks and wild life. I do hope a 2nd days gone gets made but with a heavy focus on gameplay. Imagine all the massive hordes the ps5 could run.

Mithan54d ago

I avoided this game because of the reviews, then picked it up for $20 in Feb or March. In May, after Covid hit and while working at home, I had some slow days so I decided to boot it up. Wow! Amazing game!

Hopefully they do a sequel and don't screw it up.

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