Who Actually Won The Console Wars of 2020?

KeenGamer: "The console wars are still raging despite the pandemic forcing everything online. Who will be crowned champion? The battle between the PlayStation and Xbox has never been more fierce. The end of 2020 is still a month away, but there is already an obvious winner."

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ABizzel1143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

It depends on what winning 2020 means to you.

If we're counting overall hardware sales and if handhelds / docked handhelds count, Switch won.

If we're counting software, PlayStation won without challenge IMO.

If we're counting best overall system (console & handheld), then it's between PS4, PS5, and Switch. Of which I would say the PS5 won 2020 with the other two right behind it. The demand for the PS5 is ridiculous, and I haven't seen things get this crazy for a console since the Wii back in 2006 - 2007. Switch had an amazing sales year due to covid. And PS4 held strong for the year sales-wise, but had one of the best line-ups of all time for PlayStation, and this benefit also pertains to PS5 as well.

Xbox struggled this year, but the Series X seems to be doing well, it's a great piece of hardware, and it hopefully will have a better future than its predecessor.

mikeslemonade143d ago

The switch is like part of the PS3 generation.

xTonyMontana143d ago

^^^ In Handheld mode maybe, but docked at 1080p, it looks fine to me. Their graphics style helps it a lot really but I can't say I ever felt like I was playing an old game with the likes of Smash and Fire Emblem.

bouzebbal143d ago

Ps4 wiiu best last gen combo.
Wiiu is still running 3 hours a day

Neonridr142d ago

@mikeslemonade - the PS3 couldn't run Doom Eternal at 240p.

ABizzel1142d ago

Technologically the Switch is a small step ahead of PS360Wii U generation, the 4GB of RAM and better GPU, when docked, helps it but the Switch in handheld and Switch lite are close to that PS360.

Which for a handheld it's really too far off where it should be. A good current-gen handheld should offer performance either slightly below or above the last generation of consoles. The only problem with the Switch is that it still shouldn't be selling for $299 for the docked version, that's Nintendo busting their fans heads and riding the COVID gaming wave (same goes for the PS4 Pro). This holiday should have had significantly better prices all around, but with the loss companies took elsewhere we just didn't see that.

Army_of_Darkness142d ago

1st SONY
2nd Nintendo
3rd Microsoft

mikeslemonade142d ago

Abizzle is mostly correct. The switch is like half way the power between the PS3 and the Xbox 720p.

It’s not 1080p docked, most games are 900p or lower.

NeoGamer232142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Factually wrong across the board. PS and XB have nothing on Switch.

Switch is sold as a console so it was #1. Show me one major gaming site that does not consider Switch a console.

Also switch has Hades and Animal Crossing.... Both nominated for GOTY. So their software is just as strong as PS.

For best overall system I would say Switch again.... It is a console, and handheld and has really good games. The biggest flaw with Switch is its network.

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kayoss143d ago

Wait wait, last gen y’all say switch shouldn’t be part of this “war” because it’s a handheld. But now it is? What changed?

Neonridr142d ago

last gen it was part of next gen, this gen it's part of last gen. Whatever suits the narrative I guess.

Sunny_D142d ago

Nah Switch is 9th gen like the PS5 and Series X. Nintendo gave up on their 8th gen console after 4 years but that doesn’t mean you can change what gen their system is... Even if the Switch has a 3.5 year release advantage. 😂

neutralgamer1992142d ago


it has been pretty well known fact by now that ninetdno does it's own thing. They are not competing in same market space as sony/ms.. switch is competeting with ps3/xbox360 more than ps5/xsx. Their system can barely achieve 1080P

The Wood143d ago

Whoever released the most quality games so its out of Nintendo and Sony.

Father__Merrin142d ago

Switch is handheld like a toy it's not a next gen console and not for serious gamers. It has its place though...

This reminds me of early to mid Wii era, it has vastly less software support compared to ps360 but Nintendo fans were happy that it was selling most.

Neonridr142d ago

it's not a toy. It's a powerful gaming console that's a fraction of the size of your big box machines. Considering how big it is, it's pretty awesome that it can play the sort of games it does.

Sunny_D142d ago

Although we shouldn’t gatekeep what gaming is, Nintendo does have a different audience and direction when it comes to their console but it’s still a relevant gaming device.

neutralgamer1992142d ago


when nintendo actually competes with sony and ms than let's talk. Maybe you have forgotten all their recent failures before switch and wii. N64 failed, gamecube failed, wiiu failed(by failed I mean compare to their competition) It's cute people think nintendo is competing with ps4/ps4-xbox one/xsx. If it was up to nintendo we barely would get any forward moving tech as their consoles are still competing with ps3/xbox360

Omegasyde142d ago

I provided you an upvote for your clever trolling.

142d ago
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blackblades143d ago

Switch isnt even competing

Rocosaurus142d ago

It is the by far best selling console this year. Should sell at least 20 million before the end of the year.

CrimsonWing69142d ago

I’m curious how those sales will stack up month to month with the PS5 and Xsex out now.

Silly gameAr142d ago

Not with me it didn't. But, I guess anything winning other than playstation, is ok with you.

DEEBO143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Selling ps4, ps4 pro and PS5.
Oh and PSVR..

SullysCigar142d ago

Not to mention their stellar line up of games this year.

P_Bomb143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

“ Studies have shown that scalping has become an increased profession since the pandemic began.”

Consoles are the new toilet paper.

yeahokwhatever142d ago

when government makes legitimate business illegal, expect more shady business.

cell989143d ago

Smh... fanboyism at its best