Deck13 Says The Surge 2 Next-Gen Patch Might Not Happen, Calls New Project "something fresh"

From GameWatcher: "Developer Deck13 has confirmed once more, responding to a fan question on Twitter, that the project it is currently working on is not The Surge 3.

Aside from The Surge 3 not being in development, Deck13 also cast doubt on the possibility of a next-gen patch for The Surge 2."

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shadowhaxor46d ago

That's mildly disappointing, as they had hinted at a follow-up. Still, going something fresh is perhaps the better way to go.

HyperMoused44d ago

One was brillaint i felt two was a step back, control wise and the story and environments

SamPao44d ago

I just started it last week. And yeah hasnt clicked yet. The first was really something special

Nacho_Z44d ago

I didn't really like the first game, it wasn't bad but it didn't work for me. I think they need to stop making not so great Souls spin offs and find their own thing.

instantstupor44d ago

I don't think they need to do a next-gen upgrade, but it would be nice if they could push a quick update to allow 4k60 through backwards compatibility. I'd imagine that wouldn't take a lot of manpower, and really is the more important feature for an action game anyway.