SoulCalibur VI Brings Back Hwang as New DLC Character Alongside New Tekken Costume Parts & More

During the Western European open tournament of the SoulCalibur VI Online Challenge, Bandai Namco revealed the next DLC character.

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blackblades426d ago

Nice, im still pissed this this lied on me as a no show in the qualifers and didnt make it to the finals because of him.

purple101425d ago

this game was, one of my favs, so beautiful. in motion, still looks good but for this latest it went to unreal engine 4, now it just looks and feels like every other unreal engine game.

long gone are the days of dreamcast, where soul calibur, was truly revolutionary.

probably still the best fighting game, but i miss the old feel.

Silly gameAr425d ago

I still love the franchise, and really enjoy SC6, but I agree with you. The Unreal Engine really didn't do this game any favors, and it's super obvious in the character creation.

lucian229425d ago

sadly their budget was super low, so can't blame them, namco didn't have faith in team soul

Gaming4Life1981425d ago

Yea the graphics on sc6 are good but i feel it should look alot better but overall i really like the game. Its not my favorite sc but its great.

MWH425d ago

I know exactly how you feel and I wholeheartedly agree.

in my opinion, SoulCalibur IV was the last good SC game overall. 5 was a failed online-grab attempt and 6 while better than 5 it clearly shows the low production value due to budget limitations. perhaps we can consider ourselves lucky that the franchise is still alive but this makes me question whether I prefer it to end on becoming a shadow of its former self.

LucasRuinedChildhood424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

Tbh, putting graphics aside and just focusing on the gameplay, SC6 brings back a lot of what made the early entries special and was much more fun to me than 4 even if it's still not quite as good as SC2.

I took out my PS3 and played loads of SC2 HD when my brother visited a while ago. I bought SC6 and were surprised at how much fun we were having. The lack of a Versus Team Battle mode was a big omission though. Never really enjoyed any of the SCs after 3 until we played 6. There was always something a bit off about them.

Battlestar23425d ago

More DLC. i wish they would just release a complete game instead of being greedy. I miss those days.

lucian229425d ago

this is one of the games with the least expensive dlc's for a fighter. 20$ for the year isn't bad. I rather dlc then new games constantly . That way the new game is on a new engine. Also they keep adding more to the combat mechanics including new moves and such so no point on full releases constantly.

autobotdan425d ago

When is the next Season Pass?

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The story is too old to be commented.