Bulletstorm Devs Working On Two New AAA Projects

Bulletstorm devs People Can Fly are apparently working on two new AAA projects and are partnering with Square Enix and Take-Two to make them.

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addictedtochaos1293d ago

Unless it is Bulletstorm 2 I’m not that interested.

FreeckyCake1292d ago

That cliffhanger still hurts to this day. But can't blame them, the game did not meet their expectations, so I doubt we will ever get a sequel. Tho, with how graphics have improved over the years, I can't wait to see how the sequel will look like.

Jakens1293d ago

"creators of the most insane shooters on the planet –Painkiller, Bulletstorm,  Gears of War: Judgment and now Outriders."

Blank1293d ago

Oh boy... quite the insane stretch for clout. I see potential and I hope their next moves can prove that they can meet the acclaim and title they are shouting for.

CantThinkOfAUsername1292d ago

"Creators of the most insanely mediocre shooters on the planet"*

Kavorklestein1292d ago

Hey! I actually used to LOVE playing Painkiller.
I used to turn everything up to max graphical settings and murder demons and such on PC. Never played the console versions, but Painkiller and it's Expansions were a total blast. The stake launcher gun never got old. Same with the Glaive blade launcher thing.

NeoGamer2321292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

I am not a People Can Fly fan. Bulletstorm was their best offering, but the story was forgettable (I have completely forgot it). Their mechanic in the game were fun and interesting, but an over emphasis on thos mechanics made it very repetitive.

Painkiller was ok but not great.

Gears Judgement was absolute garbage.

And Outriders isn't exactly taking the world by storm.

SamPao1292d ago

I really enjoyed painkiller back in the day, and bulletstorm was supercool.

Havent played judgement.
And I am still cauciously optimistic about outriders. But it has not sold me yet.

sourOG1292d ago

Nice. I preordered outriders. The take two game will probably be legit.

Yui_Suzumiya1292d ago

Here's hoping for Bulletstorm 2!

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Cacabunga153d ago

For coop, get a used switch instead

jznrpg153d ago

I own a Switch and have never played co-op on it. I do play Elden Ring , Demons Souls and some other co/op games with my friends on PS5. Baldurs Gate 3 is the next game I’ll play co-op. Can’t do that on a Switch

Cacabunga152d ago

I was thinking for couch casual immediate fun.. not online coop games that require some adaptation.


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closed_account362d ago

"Duty Calls: The Calm Before the Storm" sounds more like a massive case of the sh**s. 😂

I saw the parody mention, and half expected the ability to drop a deuce on your opponent... I left disappointed.

closed_account360d ago

Never too much Taco Tuesday!! Now if only we could just achieve eternal Taco Tuesdays without the inevitable Wipe-It Wednesdays!!! 😂😂

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Amplitude361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Hahaha i actually just dropped a review of this game on my channel! I hit all the story beats for anybody too lazy to install it and play through it


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IMissJimRyan370d ago

Absolutely. I remember when the game came out on ps360, I thought: "wow, another shooter" and in the 7th gen that wasn't an unfair reaction.

But when the game was re-release on ps4 I took my time an played it (it was on playstation plus at the time) because, ironically, I missed a shooter in that console. And boy, what a fun game! They made a game to be played and not to be watched. It was a fresh air in the genre that deserved better.

So yes. Maybe it find its audience this time.

SullysCigar370d ago

It's an awesome game. The only exception (for my taste) is the script writing, which is OTT, but I guess that's what they were going for. It does at least match the OTT action and gore. I thought it was great overall and actually being in this game is going to be bonkers!

IMissJimRyan370d ago

Yeah, I agree that storywise it's not an Oscar nominee, but it's like a porn movie in game format.

Abnor_Mal370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Agree with the over the top script, and felt at the time that was the only thing that people were hyped about, the language and not game play.

But in vr this game is going to be great. It has everything that would make a great vr game. Lots of bombastic action, gunplay, blood, and that leash.

Looking at the gameplay now it seems that the game was ahead of it’s time and was perfect for vr before vr wasn’t even off the ground.

Venoxn4g370d ago

I loved the game back in the day and will love in VR even more!

Yui_Suzumiya369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

I got it on PS3 at launch and am still waiting for the long rumored sequel to finally be announced. Currently have it on Switch and wish a physical version of that would be released. Absolutely love it.

FinalFantasyFanatic369d ago

I actually feel like this game gets revived all the time, not that I hate the game, I actually quite like it, it's just constantly available, unfortunately I'm not a fan of VR so I'll be skipping this version.