Microsoft Brings Square-Enix Shooter Stateside?

In one of IGN's recent Mailbags, one of the IGN editors made a throwaway comment that should be of interest to any other space shooter fans looking for something to fill the void on their Xbox 360s. In response to a reader question about Square-Enix licensing the Unreal Engine for future development, this sentence was nestled deep within.

Project Sylpheed, by way, is coming to the US and Microsoft is publishing it -- though I am not sure it uses the UT engine.
Well, I'd say that's good news! The game, developed by Game Arts and SETA was released in Japan last September to a cool reception from Famitsu (29/40) but seems to have been a hit with fans. It's reminiscent of the old PlayStation series Colony Wars, but with extra anime flavor and prettier explosions.

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