'Astro's Playroom' is a delightful jaunt through PlayStation history - The Spokesman

“Astro’s Playroom” comes installed on every PlayStation 5, and at first glance you might mistake it for a demo or even a tutorial to introduce you to the DualSense controller. While “Astro’s Playroom” succeeds in that regard, the delightful 3D platformer is much more than simply a technical showcase: It’s a must-play.

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RosweeSon61d ago

It really is at first I was barely interested, meh it’s free I’ll have a gander but I’ll stand corrected not that I thought it was terrible just something I was buying the console for... I literally would buy the console for that game now (and the knowledge there are some great games due) but it really is a fantastic game from start to finish
Best game ever 10/10 no but it is thoroughly enjoyable and an easy 9. Short and sweet the collectibles are brilliant and everything is caked in nostalgia from throughout PlayStation history from ps1 all the way up to the modern day. The little museum is brilliant and all the little things they’ve done with the controller are game changing can’t wait to see all this implemented into other games, it basically makes me want a Tearaway 2 now!!! Think that would be perfect for dual sense. Really great game tho and it’s free for all 😍🙌🏻

ApocalypseShadow62d ago

Sony continuing their ability to bring delight to gamers. Games, consoles, Astrobot, VR.

Just delightful.

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