Deep Dive Look at Haptic Feedback of Astro's Playroom

MP1st does a deep dive of the haptic feedback feature of the DualSense controller, and how it functions in The Playroom.

Orchard499d ago

Astros is still the best DS experience to date, nothing else even comes close.

They need to make Astro into a PS mascot and give us a fully fledged platformer.

Easily the best platformer in ages outside of Nintendo, and the recent 2 Crash games.

499d ago

10 of the best single player games you can play on a PS5 right now

The best PS5 single player games have incredible cinematic storytelling, impressive combat, or in Astro's case, charming platforming.

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shinoff2183146d ago

Some pretty dope indies could've made this list to.

gold_drake145d ago

the messenger is rly good ha.

repsahj146d ago

Awesome list! I agree 100%.

rippermcrip146d ago

Returnal honorable mention reason is dumb. It is a single player game with optional coop. Just like Elden Ring which is in the list.

VersusDMC146d ago

Coop wasn't even available till after a year after that reasoning ghost of tsushima(legends) wouldn't count?

jznrpg146d ago

Returnal is so fun solo I won’t ever try the co-op. It would be too easy imo

Abear21146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Ratchet and Clank and Horizon are my picks. Miles and GoW are gathering virtual dust on the SSD. Good games just not as addicting as those imo. Returnal is best if you’re into that challenge.

DivineHand125146d ago

No uncharted :( I had a blast playing the legacy of thieves collection at 120 fps.


20 Best PS5 Single-Player Games You Should Play

Want to go solo in this generation? Here are the best PS5 single-player games that don't feel like a second job to play.

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shinoff2183249d ago

Good point I never even noticed I just scanned and thought wtf.

Dirty_Lemons249d ago

So this is a 'personal favourites' list rather than a 'best single player games: list. That's fine, it's still an opinion article, but let's call it what it actually is. A few big titles are completely absent - no Horizon: Forbidden West, no Returnal...

AzubuFrost249d ago

The Horizon titles can be categorized as Monster Hunter-style games, except with more realistic graphics.

cthulhucultist248d ago

At least Sony supports single player games far more than Microsoft which is why I prefer Sony games over Xbox's. God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, Last of Us, Rachet, Days Gone, Spiderman and Ghosts of Tsushima. Now thats an amazing lineup of single player games.


Could Astro be PlayStation’s Kirby?

While Playing Kirby and The Forgotten Land, Hitbox Detective couldn't help but think about Astro. Could he be PlayStation's Kirby?

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isarai541d ago

I don't think the design is as good, but it's still great games

Orchard541d ago

More like Mario than Kirby, no?

I think they should make this into a proper platformer series though.

The bundle in sample game was good but short. A full out game would compete with the likes of Crash and Mario, and with Crash soon belonging to Xbox and Mario belonging to Nintendo, PS needs a platformer icon & game.

Let’s hope they do this instead of the rumored Knack 3 😋

generic-user-name540d ago

They already did a full game on PSVR, it was excellent.

DarkZane540d ago

A full on non-vr platformer would be a lot better. I am not saying the game on PSVR was bad, far from it, it was excellent, but a full game not on VR would not only be better, it would also reach a lot more people.

Orchard540d ago

Yep but VR isn’t mainstream. If you want a system platformer mascot/game like Mario or Crash (assuming Xbox fund new games), it has to be a normal game that more than 3-4% of the install base can experience.

generic-user-name540d ago


"I am not saying the game on PSVR was bad, far from it, it was excellent, but a full game not on VR would not only be better..."

You're saying a hypothetical game that doesn't exist would be better than an already highly rated game (90 on metacritic) as if it's a fact.

generic-user-name540d ago

"If you want a system platformer mascot/game like Mario or Crash"

Yeah I'm not sure mascots have mattered much since PS1/2 days. Mario being the exception kinda seeing as Nintendo rely so heavily on him, but it didn't matter much when the PS4 didn't have a 'mascot', they still created memorable characters that stuck with people that weren't cartoonish platformer protagonists. Unless you count those characters as mascots too (I'm not sure of the exact definition), in which case Sony already have a few mascots.

CBaoth540d ago

Orchard - look at it this way. If new Astro content accompanies PSVR2, then he already is the best Sony mascot in ages. With every appearance, he heralds in a new hardware/peripheral era. Maybe a full-blown, flat screen platformer at PS6's launch?!

talocaca541d ago

It doesn't have to be. Astro in VR is one of THE best experiences I've had in years (the bosses in particular were really innovative and fun).

Playroom was a good sampler and the Dualsense integration was really good.

Kirby's latest games have also been hit or miss....the new game is great, the previous one was beyond basic.

Number1TailzFan541d ago

Kirby games are mostly (or all?) easy AFAIK as well. Shame, Mario is also now mostly the same way because of babies who need their hands held and can't handle a challenge.

FallenAngel1984541d ago

He’ll be PlayStation’s Astro