From Xenogears To Xenoblade: The History Of Monolith Soft

Kotaku: "If you’d told me back in 2006 that Monolith Soft would go on to become one of Nintendo’s most talented and indispensable first-party development groups, I would have said the same thing as everyone else: “The guys who did Xenosaga?”"

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jznrpg54d ago

Need Xenogears remake PS5

autobotdan54d ago

It won't be the same without Monolith doing it. And they only work on Nintendo games now

franwex54d ago

I would’ve believed it. Xenogears and Xenosaga were good, but maybe too ambitious.

They needed backing from a company like Nintendo to truly shine.

Terry_B54d ago

Xenogears was Greatness..Xenosaga too ambitious ..Xenoblade? Never played it.

Kados54d ago

So ambitious, the story is still incomplete. They had 5 episodes planned for it. Only 3 ever got released.