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Dave writes: "Observer: System Redux on Xbox is an example of the ideal remaster. The best bits are amplified; in this case the mangled, filthy cyberpunk visuals and the immersion in a grotesque horror story. Equally, the worst bits are excised, as the terrible stealth sections and the thin exploration are left on the neurosurgeon’s floor. What you’re left with is an emphatic horror title, an easy recommendation to the acquainted and unacquainted, and an experience that will live long in the memory."

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SullysCigar52d ago

If you haven't read the article where the devs talk about their use of haptics and adaptive triggers in this remaster, do yourself a favour and look into it.

The perfect features for this type of game, where you benefit from increased immersion. The devs have really let their imaginations run wild and it sounds all the more creepy for it!