Deals: 1 year of PlayStation Now for $45, PS5 games on sale, Sekiro GOTY, and more

GD365: "Today we have a wide assortment of deals ranging from PS4 and PS5 games to digital PC games like Control Ultimate Edition and Sekiro GOTY Edition. Plus, you can get a one-year PlayStation Now subscription for $44.99!"

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ILostMyMind50d ago

Good! Good, good, good! Now I need it in my territory.

gamefreaks36550d ago

We're thinking about expanding our coverage to other territories. Where are you, if you don't mind me asking?

ILostMyMind49d ago

Basically, my territory is everywhere outside the US and Europe.

Ausbo50d ago

Actually, just go to CDKEYS. I got 2 years of psplus for $65

Ausbo49d ago

My bad. I read that wrong.

Freshnikes50d ago

Sony is leaving so much money on the table, because of scalpers and a bad ps5 launch ( COVID didn’t help ) but the first pre order was handled wrong. Me and so many ppl. Would love to buy these great deals but we can’t get a ps5

xHeavYx50d ago

Stop it. MS did it the "correct" way and the same thing happened. At least with Sony's way scalpers didn't have time to get ready.
Also. People not being able to get their consoles happens every generation.

nowitzki200449d ago

Fact, for at least the first month or 2 it will be hard to find one.

Redlife2g49d ago

Scalpers didn't have a time to get ready? I guess you missed the article about the scalper group in the UK that got 3,500 ps5s 😂

Both launches were absolutely shit

Teflon0250d ago

If you seriously we're being serious enough you'd have got. I got first wave after sleeping through the whole fiasco lol. Was already sold out on best buy. I just kept trying through EB Games until it worked. Determination.

Next, the best console launch in history was a bad launch. Ultimately more PS5s are in homes at launch than ps4, that's a successful launch and this happened when ps4 launched as well. None of this is on Sony. Retailers could have done something to stop scalping but even so. Your acting like 70% were. While half my friends list that actually come online have ps5 right now and only me when ps4 dropped and I helped 2 more get first week back then.

This was a fantastic launch by them. You're crying about crappy people besting you. If you were serious you'd have beat the scalpers. Simple as that if you're going to cry. If you're not. Be patient and look out. There's been alot more chances this time than other console launches

Freshnikes49d ago

Sony: pre-orders will go live in two days

Walmart , Best Buy, etc. etc. ( let’s start pre orders right now ) 5 minutes later sold out..

Sony: let’s not do nothing ( but we lied about the pre order date ) nahh who cares ...

Customers: Walmart and Best Buy etc. etc. are being ruined by bots

Sony: let’s give Walmart more and more stock ( laughing ) just for fun let’s tell them not to sell it in the store lmao

Consumer: I get it COVID ( but they sell everything else in the stores ) good job Sony.. and you might wanna dust your knees off

BrainSyphoned49d ago

I really want to test Sekiro on PS5 vs my PC. Just can't buy games for playstation when at any given moment I might have to drop $500 out of the blue on a console.

Kind hard to keep money set aside for a huge present when time is starting to run out on delivery for replacement Christmas presents. Not to mention keeping money around for possible extended winter lockdowns.

My PS5 is looking more like a ping pong and Foosball table every time I check listings.